Tuesday, January 3, 2012

you're the one that i want

Although Nic is not blond like Olivia Newton John, she feels like her in the movie Grease. It is the combination from Nic in her cute dress and tjip in his leather jacket.
And i hear the song "you're the one that i want" in my mind.

The dress once was a hunt gift in brown. Now you can get this dark blue one in the AlaFolie shop in a pile of presents near the entrance.
The jacket from tjip is so cool. And tjip had a make-over. He has a new skin and shape and eyes from marketplace. Yes so easy is a make-over in sl!!!! The shirt with "the Doors" is from the Guarded Cross Store. Many well-known music t-shirts are there on the wall. Hey mister deejay go there to dress well, when you do your job!

Jacket: Opium - Opium 2011 End Group Gift unisex ( free)
Complete male avatar: EL PASMA DEL AVENIDA - EL PASMA DEL AVENIDA Complete Male Avatar (free)
T-shirt: Guarded Cross - **Guarded Cross** the Doors T-Shirt

Dress: AlaFolie - "alafolie" BLEU NUIT GIFT

Music makes my day, Nic


Laura18 Streeter said...

Aw I love that movie! Gonna go see at the theater in May :P
hugs Pink Lady :)

Laura18 Streeter said...

Doesn't she only show up blonde in the leather catsuit with the cigarette at the end? :P

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