Sunday, August 14, 2011


Thanks to Kamille Kelberry from the KoNeJiTaS VIP group, i could take a preview for bloggers. She has organized the Your Inner Bunny Hunt (YIBH). I was thrilled because of all the presents you can get. Immediately started to combine things. I cried because of all emotions, so my eye make-up got messy. Then unpacked the rough outfit with the baggy pants and the short top with bullet holes. And ooooh so cute it was packed in a tiny duck. Couldn't resist to attach it to my shoulder to let it go with me. The hair from Dura was properly speaking black and grey, but it made me so old looking. So i recoloured it in totally black. Then checked were you all can find this and found the carrot, you have to search for, on this rotten boat at Delirium Style. Great place for making pictures.

Tips to find the carrots:Dura, high above the entrance door. Mojo skin, outside wall left high on the lights. Outfit Delirium Style, on the boat.

Skin: Mojo - YIBH #8 MOJO ( 1ld)
Outfit: Delirium Style - YIBH #1 Delirium Style ( 1ld)
Hair: Dura - YIBH #3 *Dura*( 1ld)

Have a great hunt, Nic

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