Friday, August 12, 2011


Because of the word "jazzberry" i got many fantasies about jazzclubs and jazz music and dark rooms full of cigarette smoke. So i first painted my nails...took my guitar and went off to the New York Ballroom Jazz Club. Made my pictures there.
The top that i wear on stage is a part of a body from Hucci ( new in the shop)Free is my handbag and the other top, part of old groupgift from Coco Designs (a dress) and the cigarette. The black dress has a jazzberry belt :). It is from the new platinum hunt. A hunt with very good designers in it. My hair on that picture is from ( see my earier post)

Bodysuit: Hucci - ::Hucci::Nina Bodusuit - Phlox (New)
Dress: Coco Designs -*Coco*Gift_ShirredTubeDress (Wine)( free)
Skirt: Emery - Emery Skirt High Waist Black
Shoes: Maitreya - Maitreya Frenzy - Lipstick
Handbag: R.icielli - R.icielli Summer Hunt /#5 ( on the stairs)(free)
Cigarette: Yuzuya - Cigarette and Ashtray ( on second floor) ( free)
Nails: Detour -[Detour] Nails -White Tips- Burgundy
Hair on nailpainting picture: Truth - Truth hair Gabriel- from fat pack ( darkbrowns) 88ld
Blackdress with jazzberry belt ;): Izzie - #86 - Platinum- Izzie's ( free)

Let the music brighten up your day, Nic


Rudhmellowen said...


Anonymous said...

I have enough trouble putting together ONE look and you do several. Great job!

Unknown said...

You look great, I love how you rock that guitar. I think the first top is my favorite but you smashing in everything! It's a good color for you.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous look(s) -- well done this week!

Laila Laperriere said...

Great photos Nic! First one is my fav, but the painting of your toes is really cute! =)

Eliza said...

So cute!!! Great minds think alike! :-)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job! I like all the different looks :)

Asia said...

Very cute. I like the toe painting pic too :)

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