Friday, August 26, 2011


Crush is the name of the shirt that you get when you join the poppycock group. The other versions are new in the shop. The bandeau is in lucky board. The boots are also from le Poppycock but not free. They helped to stay dry when i walked by accident in the water.. hehe... The hair with headband ( with colour change menu) is new at Truth. My favorite hair shop.

Bandeau: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock * Coral bandeau* ( free)
Shirt: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock *camisole* Crush (free)
Boots: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock * Les Booties* treads on desire
Shirt: Le poppycock - le Poppycock *camisole* Pious reverence New!
Hair: Truth - >Truth< Juliette - Chocolat ( dark brown pack ) New!

Kisses and have a nice day, Nic

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