Saturday, August 27, 2011


I need to post this fast because it is sale (EOS) a few days from 26 till 28 august at Euphoria mall. So the bloggers who want look for the liver post have to scroll down please!!!!
In the shops at euphoria are 50linden summer sale items in a bag...with a picture so you can see what you get. Here is the list with teleports to the shops. I bought the silky shining shirt from Gizza. And i LOVE it. The texture is so silky that you see changing shadows.
Also i couldn't resist ( always the same problem (((( with me) to buy new hair. And yes again in my favorite hair shop "Truth". I took more pictures so you can see the backside too.
And uhm... my friend Soraya took me to the sale at Aoharu when i was out of money, but yet i can afford to buy one of the super jeans there.

Jeans: Aoharu- Aoharu_Jeans_SkinnyStraight_ White ( sale all 50% off)
Shirt: Gizza - Euphoria EOS Sale Gizza ( 50ld)
Hair: Truth - >Truth< Lara auburn ( ginger pack)
Bangles: from inventory... was from Mandala once a freebie.

Happy sale, Nic

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