Thursday, November 26, 2009

Djinn & Tonic!

Djinn & Tonic has opened it's new shop. To celebrate - they have an absolutely beautiful skin out for free. They had a "join the group win a free skin" this past week and I was one of the very lucky ones chosen to win. It was so very hard to choose from so many I wanted though! The group is now $250L to join, but I'm keeping it as one of my coveted group slots since the owner, Babyhoney Bailey, told me she will be giving out group gifts once every week or two to everyone that joins. Find the new shop here Djinn & Tonic.
MUA : Gift Skin, Natural Tone
My skin of choice - MUA : Hazel, Brunette. Thanks Gin!

Very temping assortment of clothing in the shop as well. Far be if from me to not buy something as well. Wearing Tweedheart (Kohl) slacks with V [Black/Haute] top. The clothing is all reasonably priced as well.

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