Sunday, December 1, 2019

the high wire dancer at rest

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Here you see my friend Dancer preparing for her next high wire performance. Her rest is important for her concentration and stability on the high cord.

Rest is what Dancer wished for me. She has the idea that i am only working in sl. Making scenes with many details. "Better also do pictures with lesser details with an outfit", she said. "More rest for you". In part she is true. But not all.
I am not getting overworked here because of making decoration scenes. I love to build and it is relaxing for me. I also do a lot in between to relax, for example: relaxed shopping, searching for good free items or looking everywhere, looking at blogs and flickr, chatting a lot with friends and being with friends, dancing, and i follow silent meditations. No need to worry about me getting over worked.
Blogging many items in one blog post is sometimes necessary because of the blogger rules for events. For example for some events a blog need show items from 4 designers. Home or garden decor pictures, mostly show many knick knacks. I love knick knacks. Showing fashion i often combine with a scene and with free items.
Dancer is right about showing fashion. It is sometimes better with a simple background. So that's why i made these pictures of Dancer.
It's all about choices you have to make when you are a blogger.
When you look at my Flickr pictures you can see scenes with many items and also pictures with a lesser complicated background. I hope you enjoy both. And last but not least i also hope you like the free items, that i show you.
Thanks to Dancer for her tips always and her sweet concern about me. And thanks to all those who follow me and to all the good friends here.

By the way Dancer changed her avatar remarkable, since she bought her new bento head and body. She has a very personal style and ideas! It's a pity she isn't a blogger herself.

Outfit: ANTINATURAL[+] - ANTINATURAL[+] Carnival Freaks / Clown Outfit / M / WHITE
Head : GENUS Project - GENUS Project - Genus Head - Classic Face
Skin: DeeTaleZ - DeeTaleZ "Victoria" Celtic
Make -up: -Sacul- - -Sacul- Omega Sad clown
Socks: Infinity_  - Infinity_NanaDoll ballerina Sock Red (gacha)
Legging applier:  LiViD : -  LiViD : Witchy Leg_Grey
Umbrella: {anc} - {anc} my umbrella (fabric) w frill  (gacha)
From inventory: lips - Colored by Dancer; body - Maitreya; hair - barberyumyum;
Bye bye, Nic

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