Thursday, December 26, 2019

Dutch farmhouse part 1

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I decorated in this Dutch farmhouse from llorisen ( old FLF item) two parts of the central large room.  This is the first part, that i want show you. A place to sit near the fireplace and to sit at the bar made with the sledge shelf from buildworksdecor.
This part of the house is decorated with many free items that you can get at several places.
In  the calendar at Yasum you can find the pouf, blue rocking chairs, the stools, the fireplace with audio and woodblocks, reed paper bin and yellow living room cabinet. They are in the gift of day 24. And much more items. Even a skybox.
At the Cosmopolitans Sales Room you can click the socks in the Christmas tree and get presents. See the credits below.
From the Shop & Hop Event are the tree cakes from Chez Moi.
Nic is wearing a silver dress,  a new release at **Mistique**. the backpart is with chains and quite naked. For going outside the fur coat from ::K:: from Nic's inventory will warm her. She needs to go out with her new Animesh husky companion, available at Uber. Nic skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins in skin tone pineapple is available at Shiny Shabby.

In the next post i will show you the other room part of the Dutch Farm house. I made that one ready for a new years Eve.

Dress: **Mistique** - **Mistique** Shanish Silver (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Shiny Shabby  - 7 Deadly s[K]ins -  SEDONA lights
Husky: [Rezz Room] at  Uber -[Rezz Room] Box FatPack Siberian Husky Animesh (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - Truth; boots - Blueberry ( gacha); russian fur coat - ::K::

Farmhouse - llorisen // - llorisen // hedda dutch farmhouse
Tree cake tray: Chez Moi at Shop& Hop (Gleaming) - Tree Cake Tray * CHEZ MOI(free)
Pouf, blue rocking chairs, fireplace with audio and woodblocks, reed paper bin, yellow living room cabinet: Yasum - Yasum Christmas Calendar day 24 ( free/ still available )
Decor on the wall above the sledge: Chez Moi - part of Photoboot - 2020 Photo Booth (NEW)

From Christmas tree at Cosmopolitans Sales Room:
Sled Shelf: buildworksdecor ~ Sled Shelf / Boxed - buildworksdecor ~ Sled Shelf(free)
Wooden Candle Decor:  * CHEZ MOI - Wooden Candle Decor * CHEZ MOI (free)
Mug: #187# - #187# Cosmopolitan GIFT XMas 2019 BOX (free)
Chair: CONVAIR Chaire - part of CONVAIR Chaire MR set.natural (free)
Lantern with baubles: DJ.SF - DJ.SF Lantern and Candy Cane gifts for Cosmopolitan (free)
Floorlamp: Chic buildings _ COSMOPOLITAN - Gift by (ChiC buildings)(free)
From inventory: plant - dust.bunny, rug - [DDD]; curtains - Apple Fall; Cats - Image Essentials

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