Monday, July 10, 2017

we miss you Laura

Laura is on vacation and we are missing her.... well (cough)... the smeared make-up from Nic is a bit exaggerated. Nic didn't shed big tears because of missing her, but the smeared make-up you can get now at the the Darkness Event as an exclusive gift. And Nic didn't use tears to get the arms from Laura's very good friend around her. No worries Lau.

You know he wanted to show the hud he made and sells on Marketplace, called RendeZvous II. By accident i met him at the beach on monday morning. "This WAS a bit of serendipity" he said.
He rezzed the hud and we jumped on it and started to walk. You can dance, walk, lay, swim, fly and cuddle everywhere. When auto return from a sim is not too quick, the hud is usable on many beautiful sims.
We went for a walk. The walking mode has several poses. I love the one with the arms around the shoulder and the one in which he is wearing Nic's body over his shoulder. Very funny to see.
The companion can also choose from the menu. Just type /4 menu and it will pop-up. He told me: "There are a whole bunch of sitting if you just want to sit and watch the sunrise and talk....", "And it has a bunch of wonderful kisses". "Because of the wonderful animation the effect can be that someone falls in love with you. The closeness that RDV allows does make a big difference in relationship. It allows to be close and walk and talk and not lose one another".
I don't know if i may tell you this but he uses the hud to take Laura home now and then, wearing Laura over his shoulder. It's his favorite animation.
Adjustments are pretty easy when you have to deal with different sized avatars.
Here is where the RDV can be tried out for free: taxi

He is working now on a companion product that is almost ready for release.The user will then be able to add any intan animations (if they are Intan compatible)  "...including .... well... anything they want ;)".

Nic is wearing:
Hair: Desmonia  -Desmonia- Roxy Bun Fatpack  180ld
Necklace: !IT!at Designer Circle  -!IT! - Infinity  necklace Designer Circle #158
Smeared make- up:  .:MMC:. at Darkness Event - .:MMC:. Morgana Eyeshadow - Gift (free)
Dress: Jana& Littles SL World - -JL- Guilia Dress  with color hud
From inventory: Shoes - REIGN ( last gift/ see post before this one); body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka ( bento/ Simone); Skin - Glam Affair

He is wearing:
Shirt, sneakers and jeans from R2A( was a gift in Januari ( not available anymore)
Body: ADAM Mesh Body - v1.4b
Necklace: Earthstones -,Earthstones way to my heart mens necklace
Hair: Exile - Exile Tommy (free)
Skin: Belleza - Belleza - Cooper SK1

On the beach:
Driftwood: unKindness - uk - Vintage Driftwood Beach Set -TLC GIFT (free/ blanket has colors)
Couple walker: RendeZvous II Couples Walker & Animator
Pictures taken at Point of Pines
Bye bye, Nic

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