Sunday, July 9, 2017

only time

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Who can say where the road goes...Where the day flows, only time
And who can say if your love grows...As your heart chose, only time

You remember Nic and tjip from the post before this one? After the day at the beach they stayed in these cute tree houses to spend the night there. They didn't know that before. The houses stood at the swamp. No that's not true ..i placed them there for them. They had a good time.. but just those mosquitos!( see tjip trying to kill one at his arm). Tree houses in a swamp may be not such a good idea.
Nic is wearing a dress from the Midnight Madness from yesterday. As you know you still can get them ( not for free anymore) but for 50ld as last chance tomorrow. The bandana scarf from::K:: is unisex, a release for the Mens Dept.
Tjip is wearing the new groupgift from Cold Ash, a marine chino. Sale in that shop now. On tjips desk you can see a cactus, a groupgift  from::RAIGN::.
The houses are from the gacha at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room from Mesh India ( till 16th of July). From that gacha are also the bridge between the houses, the fireplaces, the tree lamps, the tiles on the floor ( they are ment to be as decor items for the wall..but i like them also this way). Items from the gacha from mushilu for the Seasons Story, i used also for decoration: the curtain stand with hanging lights behind the bed, the wood blocks with candles and the flowers. The Seasons Story Summer opens tomorrow. The baby koala on a branch is a groupgift at {Your Dreams}

Nic is wearing:
Hair: enVOGUE at Hair Fair - enVOGUE - HAIR Beyonce - GIFT with color hud (free)
Dress: Third Eye. -Third Eye. Elixir Dress [Watermelon] ( Midnight Madness /free or 50ld last chance)
Bandana scarf: ::K:: at TMD - ::K:: Bandana Scarf Homme/Femme with texture hud/ unisex/NEW)
From inventory: Shoes - KC, head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; Skin - Wow Skins; ice - Hanauta

Tjip is wearing:
From inventory: Hair - Dura;  skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins

Treehouses, the bridge between the houses, the fireplaces, the tree lamps, the tiles on the floor- Mesh India for CSR - MI Mini Tree House Decor Gacha (65 each play)
Curtain stand with hanging lights,wood blocks with candles and the flowers: mushilu for the Seasons Story - LoveDay BLOGGER. Mushilu (gacha/ each play 50ld) ( starts 10th of July)
Baby Koala: {Your Dreams} -{YD} Baby Koala - Group Gift July (free)
Cactus: ::RAIGN:: - ::RAIGN:: Cactus Planter (free)
From inventory: dogs - AMU; table - Soy.(free); blinds - Mesh India; hedera - Soy.; red chair - !six o'clock!
Pictures taken at: Point of Pines
Bye bye, Nic

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