Monday, July 31, 2017

tropical times .... Scandalize! has gone crazy

On a tropical beach the twins and Nic alone are showing you summer outfits. From the Aloha Fair are: the swimsuits, the shorts with top, the floatie, the skin, water drops on skin, the poses (pic 1 and 3),the aloha surfboard, the sunglasses, bangles, the little squid and the turtle rings. The dress with flamingo's you can get when you play a little game at S@bbia. Comes in 3 colors. Don't forget to pick up the sandals there. It's the new groupgift. The green dress you can buy at the Kawaii Project round 30 ( July 20th - August 15th ). The tattoo on the third picture is  new from Lush (35% off at The Avenue).
The dress on the fourth picture is from the crazy clearance at Scandalize. There are soooo many groupgifts at the moment. Old items are being eliminated from the sale and group gift stands. Limited Time. Enjoy: D (These items will no longer be on sale). If you aren't already in that group then JOIN NOW.

Dress: S@BBiA:: - S@BBiA::Flamingo Dress ( in game/ free)
Sandals ; S@bbia - S@BBiA::Thong Sandals Pink (gift)

Taxi to Aloha Fair here
Swimsuit with flamingo's: SEVYN at AF - SEVYN EAST ALOHA FAIR GIFT(1ld)
Blue swimwear: Karla Boutique  at AF - TAF2017- Gifts - !!! Karla Boutique !!!  all colors hud (1ld)
Top with shorts: Gaall at AF - TAF2017- Gift - Gaall* with hud for top and belt (1ld)
Rings: M's Avon at AF -  TAF2017- Gifts - M's Avon (1ld)( see below)
Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins at Aloha Fair - TAF2017- Gifts - 7 Deadly s[K]ins (free)
Sunglasses: Arisaris at AF TAF2017- Gifts - Divina sunglasses ArisArisB&W(1ld)
Floatie: Rir Life at AF - Rir TAF 2017 Gift (1ld)
Waterdrops on skin ( second picture):  Xxxtasi - Xxxtasi Drip on me omega applier (1ld)
Mini squid: Stelloane - Stelloane AF 2017 Gift (1ld)
Umbrella fourth picture: *MS* at AF - *MS* Beach canopy umbrella ( 1ld)
Bangles: Ghee at AF - Ghee Polished Shell Bangles (TAF17  Gift) (1ld)
Pose on first picture: [ Focus Poses ] at AF [ Focus Poses ] Good Vibes 'n tan lines (1ld)
Pose with surfboard:Boutique #187 at AF -  #187# Run to Surf Gift BOX (1ld)

Dress in pistachio: ::UNA:: at Kawaii Project -  Pixi all pack for my bloggers :Una:
Tattoo: Lush at The Avenue - Lush Flower Duet Tattoo- 35% off.
Dress fourth picture: Scandalize! - Scandalize Ambra Maitreya ( free/ group join fee) One of the many gifts that are out now!!!)
Shoes: Faboo - #25 Faboo Havana heel ( free/ Faboo hunt  )
Umbrella fourth picture: *MS* at AF - *MS* Beach canopy umbrella ( 1ld)
Mango ice: YumYum - Yum Yum today's shave /mango ( free)
From inventory: Hairs - Pr!tty; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; pallet seat - Goose; beach rackets, ball, suncream and bag - UNA
Pictures made at la Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic

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