Sunday, January 8, 2017

you smoke too much

It's a wonder that she is looking so good. I expect lots of wrinkles in the future, when she holds on to this bad habit. In the café you see a nice light sign from Unkindness made forThe Mens Dept. (Open since Jan 5). They made more  naughty ;) signs. Good for bars and dance floors places.  In the café you see on the ground a pot tray and a set of lighthouses ( resizeable). On the picture with the total overview below you also can see blocks of tetris on the ground. All from Mesh India for The Cosmopolitan Sales room in the gacha ( 50ld each play)
Nic is wearing a new release from chronokit, the scarf (UNISEX).You can buy the scarf in plain and pattern or fatpack with a hud to change parts. I used the texture change hud from the fat pack. The sleeveless parka with top is a new release at Wicked. I would like to have this parka also without the top to show you my gorgeous bralette from erratic ( the new years gift/  group join), but that option isn't available. May be an idea to add Syrdin? With the hud you can change several parts. Love the skirt with this set. The skirt is from erratic. May be, when you have spend already all your lindens, it's an idea to wear this with the skirt from zanze, that i showed you here. The leg straps are from *Merlific*. Showed the white ones before. Those straps are so useful to make from heels a sort of open boots. The shoes are a gift from LYBRA at The Crossroads

Scarf: chronokit  - *chronokit* Scarf02 (NEW)
Straps: *Merlific* - *Merlific* Diana Straps Group Gift (1ld)
Shoes: LYBRA at The Crossroads -LYBRA . Sadie Sandals (maitreya only) (free)
Sleeveless parka: WICKED - WICKED * Sharon - Parka (Black) (NEW/ also for Belleza)
Skirt: erratic - erratic / neve - leather skirt / black (maitreya only)
Hair: *barberyumyum* - *barberyumyum*May2016(groupgift/ still available)

Light sign: unKindness at TMD - uk - Neon Wall Signs - TMD (NEW)
Lighthouses, pot tray and tetris blocks: Mesh India for CSR -MI Garden Gacha Decor (NEW/gacha/ 50ld each play)
More in the decor: Drawers: Ionic and Thor; soviet propaganda poster - [kunst]; bottle lamp - No Concept, Antique cups - Kalopsia; bucket with lemonades- keke; bar-[Schultz Bros.]; Industrial tower tap - Ys&Ys
Pictures made at: The Village&Bar Deco
Bye bye, Nic
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