Tuesday, January 10, 2017

playing in harmony

See them... playing in harmony. With attention from the dogs. No they don't howl because Dancer and Nic are playing false. The dogs are fascinated  because of what is happening. BarDeco is ofcourse the place to be for making some music. You can say it is one of Nic's favorite places at the moment. Although all is rezzing very slowly there and it takes patience to make pictures. But it was relatively easy this evening.  Dancer and Nic are both wearing groupgifts from Brii. Nic's overall is from there. Nic is wearing another bralette. In the set from Brii is another bra. The one on the picture is the bralette from erratic. It's such a lovely one. The set from Brii comes also with booties, but Nic is wearing the booties from [MODA], an old gift. The pose with sax is from ENII pose for the SLFrees&Offers group a gift. Dancer tipped me about it.  Helper Laura tipped me about Nic's overall. Dancer already is wearing the dress from BRII some days. She is looking like a gypsy artist  with her hair with band from Alice Project and all clothes in lace. The Brii set comes with white boots and jewelry ( not on the picture). Dancer is wearing other boots from Baby Monkey. And jewelry from !IT!

Pose: ENIIpose - ENIIPose-Fascinate (free)

Nic is wearing;
Bralette: erratic - erratic / bralette (maitreya) GROUPGIFT16 (free/ group join 99ld)
Overall: Brii - part of **LISA URBAN STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT ** (free)
From inventory: Hair - little.bones ( Snow Spell II), dogs - [sau]

Dancer is wearing:
Dress: Brii- Brii Underground Kefera Loisirs Style (1ld)
Hair: Alice Project - *Alice Project* Gabriella w/ Scarf (holiday gift in the box on the ground still there /free))
Boots: Baby Monkey - BM Brockley Leather Boot
Jewelry: !IT! at CMP - !IT! Samsara set 8  ( old gift at CMP/ but there is a new gift , the tangled set)
From inventory: legging
Pictures made at: Hot Bodies, BarDeco
Bye bye, Nic

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