Saturday, January 21, 2017

the path of destiny ( the 11th Vintage Gacha fair)

For those who build castles or like medieval role-play some free furniture is welcome, isn't it?  Tjip isn't in medieval roleplay clothes, so let's assume he arrived in a hotel with a medieval style ok? He is a bit rough styled with his metal spikes earring and his sturdy necklace and his boots. But the coat is an elegant one. Comes without the shirt. I took an old hunt shirt from Legal Insanity from tjips inventory.
The medieval furniture i found on the Vintage Gacha Fair as gifts. You can find the rustic supper table, a box with  bread, pies and chocolats, the light rug  and the floor messy cloth, the Celtic ottoman and the potted palms all as gifts there. The pictures are made in a rustic pavilion from Trompe Oeil. The pile of books are from Cheeky Pea

Taxi to The Vintage Gacha Fair (TVGF)

Coat: American Bazaar - [AB] Trench Coat (free)
Necklace: [Fallen Gods Inc.] at TVGF - 03Vintage Gacha gift box [Fallen Gods Inc.] 03 (free)
Earring: ERSCH at TVGF - Vintage Gacha gift box [ERSCH] (free)
Hair: [INK] - [INK] Hair_Seed Black
From inventory: shirt- Legal Insanity ( old hunt gift);skinny jeans - paul polo;

Celtic ottoman:Kitty Creations at TVGF - Vintage Gacha gift box - Kitty Creations (free)
Rustic supper table: Velvet Whip at TVGF - [V/W] Rustic Supper Table (free)
Pies and bread and more: Kei Spot  at TVGF - Kei's Sweets 2 - (free)
Rug: Lacrime dell'anima  at TVGF -  dell'Anima Rug - Set Traditional I(free)
Floor messy cloth:[Libertine] at TVGF - Vintage Gacha gift box [Libertine](free)
Potted palm:  Simply Shelby at TVGF - Vintage Gacha gift box - Simply Shelby
Pile with books: Cheeky Pea - Book Nook Strapped Books (gacha item/
Rustic Pavilion: Trompe Loeil - Trompe Loeil - Rustic pavilion
Pictures taken near the Vintage Gacha Fair 

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