Friday, January 13, 2017

spiritual gangster ( Designer Showcase Birthday and Collabor88 )

She can stand like this for hours. Nic had in her early sl days already a yoga mat. But she lost that one. She is happy now with her yoga studio in her Apartment de Pijp from Pixel Mode. Her new hobby is giving yoga lessons. And with all the new items from unKindness for Collabor88 it was such a pleasure to decorate the room. May be you also recognize some items from a gacha from Pixel Mode and some items from AXL Pro, that i used before on this blog. Fresh flowers is a must in my opinion in a yoga room. The sweet blue potted flowers from Kazza, a  dollarbie,are may be announcing a bit the spring. ...Cough... it's just my hope, because in rl it is outside very cold now. Nic has no problem she is fully concentrated, like it should be.
She is wearing a comfly sweat pants from Precious Design, a gift. The gift comes with another top. The top on the pictures  is a gift because of the Designers Showcase birthday. Every booth has a gift for you! This top has a menu to change the front part. See below for another front part and a total view from Nic's yoga studio. Mostly you do ofcourse yoga with bare feet. But i wanted to show you the wedges. Also a gift from the Designer's Showcase.

Top: Tori's Stylez at DS-- Kristin Tank  Designer Showcase VIP Group Gift (free)
Pants: Precious Design part of PD ~ Sale Bag - Talk About It Outfit (free)
Shoes: KC Couture at DS - KC mewsin Plateau Designer Showcase VIP Group Gift (free)
From inventory: Hair - Tableau Vivant

Yoga mat,meditation candles, Spiritual Gangster  and Vibes sign, brass singing bowl, palm incens burner, mate crates and inspiration mirrors - Unkindness at C88 -  uk - Yoga Studio Set - Collabor88 (NEW)
Other yoga items ( Ahanata art, magazin clutter, sidetable (red) ) - Pixel Mode - [PM] Ahanata gacha Blue potted flowers: Kazza - Kazza  HomeStyle - Flower pot (1ld)
From inventory: Skybox  de Pijp  -Pixel Mode; Lamps and cushions: Silvery K; black/white bamboo vases- GA (shop is gone); bottle of scented oils, Zen stones tray -  AXL Pro;  [Soul Mates] - Sakura Sake Dama Box; shelf - [Cb] (old Cosmopolitan gift)
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