Friday, June 17, 2016

light and shades at the beach ( SLB13th presents from Kustom 9 and Whimsical)

In silence at the beach..time to contemplate.  Listening to the sound of the waves. Watching the light and the shades.
I had fun time with the picture making with the beach fences from Pixel Mode. I used them before on the blog to hide Nic and tjip from the sheep. And i told you in the post that i was looking forward to making pictures from the fences with shades on the beach. Below you see what i had in my mind in black and white. Above the sunny pictures to show you Nic's new clothes better.

From Kustom 9 are: the dress/ used as shirt now, the sandals/ recolored, the strawberry ring and the hair.
From Whimsical are: the bracelet /recolored a bit, and the bag with sweater. Nic's yummie ice creams are from the Luxebox  (from June). The poppies in Nic's hair are new from Xen's Hats. Available in several colors. And i couldn't resist to buy the summer jeans from Pseudo.

Credits: taxi to Kustom 9 here
Dress: agapee at K9 - agapee* K9 SLB13 gift dress (free)
Sandals: fri. at K9 - Polly.Sandals (Wheat) (free)
Ring: ieQED for K9 - ieQED strawberry ring ( free)
Hair: Moon at K9 - Moon. Hair // - Variety - Eternal Sunshine (free)
Bracelet: Minimal at Whimsical - MINIMAL - Gift Penelope bracelet/ silver/neon/ (free)
Bag with sweater: Gabriel at Whimsical - ::GB:: Jacket and bag/brown (free)
Ice cream: MishMish - Beary Ice Cream for LuxeBox (NEW)
Poppies: Xen's Hats - Poppies for your hair pink (NEW)
Jeans: Pseudo - Pseudo- La Demi jeans Light Blue
Fences: Pixel Mode for Love To Decorate  -
Pictures made at: Baja Bay
Bye bye, Nic
Click small pictures to enlarge

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