Sunday, June 26, 2016

feel the warmth on your nose

A walk on a tropical island ... feel the warmth on your nose and the fresh spray of water from the waterfall and the watering can.
Nic is enjoying her trip in her new dress from !gO! from Summerfest'16. Many beautiful colorful textures you can buy. It was hard to decide. I completed the dress with red lily's and a necklace and the sun visor from Nic's inventory. The shoes from Illi are a SLB13 present at Tres Chic Venue The hairs from Ayashi are from  the SLB13 presents at The Fantasy Collective. The crate with pillow is from the SLB13 presents at The MensDept as well as the blue water bottle. The cute little backpack is part of a groupgift at Gaall. Nic is watering her palm tree with a watering can with pose, a Subscribe-O-Matic gift  from Nantra.

Dress: !gO! at Summerfest'16 - !gO! Sunny dress - 5 (NEW)
Shoes: ILLI at TCV  for SLB13 - ..::ILLI::.. SLink Ennovy Espadrilles (free)
Hair: Ayashi at TFC - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mizu hair-Anime set (free)
Bottle: AITUI at TMD - AITUI Voda water bottle (free)
Crate: revival at TMD - .:revival:. wood crates ( 2 sorts  and color hud)  (free)
Backpack: Gaall - part of groupgift GAALL* Komic@ outfit bag (free/GG)
Watering can: {Nantra} - {NANTRA} Watering - Free Gift (free)
From inventory: Lily's  and nacklace  - shops are gone
Pictures made at: Skye Glas

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