Sunday, August 23, 2015

soooo vintage and sooooo cool!

Thanks to the Freedeology group and the hard work of Juliet Claridge my Vintage Fair shopping was easy, although entering was difficult and the lag ( may be because my computer did a virus scan) was terrible. And here the result of what i found and some more presents. To start with the some more: The skin is the new groupgift from HUSH. You get many skin tones brows and lipcolors ( i used the pure gloss)and shapes (not shown). This skintone matched with my Laqroki skin on my body so i was happy. The sort of balloon dress is from Poute at Marketplace ( 3 colors)
Then the Vintage Fair presents. Nic shows; a necklace, clutch, poses, a dress from ZD and the top with highpants (onepiece) from Kaithleen, pinks shoes from N-Core, Brown shoes from Essenz. There is a smoke present, but Nic already smoked her sigar.
I clicked wrong in the Indyra shop and bought without knowing the handbag. But i am happy with this one. On the last picture the bag is turquoise ( i recolored the bag).
And last but not least..i loooove the glass table from Circa. Soooo vintage and soooo cool!
Beige dress: ZD - Vintage & Cool Fair - Gift Box (shine by [ZD])
Top with high wait pants: Kaithleen 's - Kaithleen's High Waist Pants w Sleeveless Top - Clean (free)
Brown shoes: Essenz - Vintage & Cool Fair - Gift Box (Essenz) (free)
Pink shoes: N-Core - N-core LACE "Pale Pink" (GIFT!) (free)
Necklace: Indyra - Vintage & Cool Fair - Gift Box {Indyra} Heirloom Necklace (free)
Bag: Indyra - {Indyra} Cerise Handbag (not free)
Poses: *EverGlow* - *EverGlow* - Group Gift poses (F) (free)
Glass table: Circa - [CIRCA] Pkg - "Harmony" - Double Glass Table - Red GIFT(free)
Smoke set: Anachron - - ANACHRON - Cigarette Holder with Smoke Exhaler (free)
Clutch: Swallow - Vintage & Cool Fair - Gift Box ^^Swallow^^ (free)
Balloon dress: Poute - Poute Hope dress ( 3 colors Freebie ( free)
Skin: [Hush] - [Hush] London - Limited Edition Group Gift (free)
from Inventory: Hair - Exile
Pictures taken at: Seni Seviyorum

Bye bye, Nic

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