Monday, August 24, 2015

monday, monday so good to me....

Monday, Monday, so good to me...Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be...Oh, Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee....That Monday evening you would be here with me.

The post was made yesterday. ))

Good time to do some gardening. I love seedlings. Long ago i got one from Betty Page from *BP* shop. See at the cart in the terracotta pot. But now i saw them somewhere. I discovered the designer and went to the shop. But hmmm gatcha. So i have more then the seedlings now in my inventory ( thanks stupidmonkey) . You also see the garden sink and cart and the stool ( 4 sit options) from the gatcha. The leaf in Nic's mouth is an oldie from BP also.
The reason to make a garden post was the nice outfit from Meli Imako, her Facebook followers august gift. Full perm ofcourse.

Jumpsuit: Meli Imako - MI womens jumpsuit (free)
Cart: Sari-Sari - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - Industrial Cart (gatcha)
Stool: Sari-Sari - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - Stool (gatcha)
Garden sink: Sari-Sari - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - Garden Sink RARE (gatcha)
Seedlings: Sari-Sari - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - Seedlings (gatcha)
Cherie necklace: !TLB at Vintage fair  - !TLB - Vintage & Cool Fair Gift (free)
Hair: ~*Damselfly* - ~*Damselfly*~Free Gift (Womens) (free/ SLFrees&Offers gift)
Flower on chest: NSP - NSP Florals Gifts!( groupgifts are upstairs/ this is in the shop/free)
From inventory: Shoes- ChicChica (see post before this one)
Pictures made at my home location

Bye bye... Nic

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