Saturday, August 22, 2015

simplicity is what we need my friend

Now when you climb into your bed tonight..And when you lock and bolt the door..Just think of those out in the cold and dark...'Cause there's not enough love to go around. And sympathy is what we need my friend...And sympathy is what we need..

And also may be simplicity and lots of love to make the world go around.
Simplicity in this bvlogpost. Nic shows you her beautiful gown , groupggift from Shey. You need pay fee, but you oftern get beautiful clothes. Worthwhile to join in my opinion.

Nic  is standing in two Calopsia decors.
The first at Collabor88  Kalopsia - Broken Floor 3Li - Chandelier 1 li- flying leaves- 1li - Lace curtain 5 li and Vagabond - Pearl's Birdie Cage - 4 Li pearl's mobile 4li vagabond pearls table 1li ( total set just 188ld)
The second at Kustom 9.This Vintage Mini Set includes a room divider and shade lamp that is 100% mesh, this set will look amazing in your home. The room divider has a texture changer with the options of the frame with painted blue, painted pink, dark carved and light carved that you change each section separately. The sheer drapes can also be changed by each panel and have the fabric options of green, beige, blue dots and pink dots, the land impact is 3 and permissions are copy/modify. Next we have the shade lamp, it has a on/off by touch feature as well as a texture changer that includes flowers, blue, pink, beige and black with a land impact of 1 and permissions

Dress: Shey - SHEY - Ayshe Gown (free/but group join fee)
Kalopsia and Vagabond at firt pictures at Collabor88
Kalopsia last picture: Kalopsia at Kustom 9 vintage mini set
Hair: SHI at Kustom 9 - .Shi Hair : Journey [DarkBrowns] (NEW)
Bye bye, Nic


Елена said...

Hi. Beautiful photo! How to find a dress Ayshe?

Nicandra Laval said...

hello Elena, The dress is in the VIP group notices ..a gift for the members. But group join is expensive. Shey has 2 groups. One free the other with group join fee.

Елена said...

Thank you. But I have not found the poster in the store at all, it seems, bypassed.

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