Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ici la vie n'est pas rythmée au rythme de l'horloge

Africa. Nic in her lodge watches the beautiful colors of Africa. Warm red and yellow. The same colors are in her dress. The dress is from the oldies but goodies hunt at Vero Modero. Told about it yesterday.
Searching for african places to make the pictures from this african dress, i came at Africa Life. I was heartily welcomed by Patrice Lumumba. He is from Togo, west Africa. He invited Nic to come this evening, european time for a big slams fight. All in voice. "People come  from DAKAR , TOGO, ALGER and rest of the world", he said. It is about poetry or anyone text reading. Slam is a poetry reading like singing. Can be cool. So here is the airplane to that event. Starts 20.30 european time. For Patrice this is important: Helping to get a positive look over his continent. And that is also important in my opinion.

Africa live is a  meeting point for all africans in SL and for those who love Africa ! Friendly atmosphere in a savanah and sahelian environment.

Dress: Vero Modero - [VM] African dress2 (hunt gift 10ld)
From inventory: Flats - AlB Dream; Hair- EMO-tions; legging from long ago.

Bye bye , Nic

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