Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pine's dawn

For this weeks Twisted Color Challenge i am a bit late. I had no good inspiration.  But i decided to make the Color Challenge post this evening. And to my great astonishment, when i tp-ed Soraya to get the clearance box at Izzie's, she arrived in this green dress and i was very happy to see her in this elegant dress. She gave me the link and Nic immediately dressed herself for the photoshoot. May be the dress has mostly the light green colors of the challenge in it, but the pattern lines are darker green. The pictures i made in a misty pine wood at daybreak so Pine's Dawn is exactly the good name..The light of the moon fades slowly because of the light of the day .. When i see Nic in the wet wood it is as if i can smell the pine trees.
You get 4 colors in the promo box.

 And in the night Nic visited a restaurant in the wood

Back home for breakfast

Gown: JRC - JRC Promo Mesh Gown Fat pack Fawless 2 in 4 colors 5 sizes (just 100ld)
From Inventory: Nails and ring - Gabriel ( free); eyes - Ikon

Bye bye, Nic


Unknown said...

lovely pics! ty for sharing~

Nicandra Laval said...

thanks for your sweet comment ))))

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