Monday, April 29, 2013

tulips on a biker princess

A new groupgift dress at Ruxy. Thanks Dancer for informing me and helping to find. The groupgifts are in a corner of the garden. Nic is a biker princess with the biker jacket. It is a part of a promo outfit from Mitsouko at marketplace. That outfit made me smile. The skirt of it remembered me of one of my first thing i bought in sl. I earned money with dancing on dancepads in that time ( we speak about 2007)  in a mall. And saw someone wearing a sort of ballerina skirt and i loved it. it is a pity that i don't have a picture from the skirt in that time. Below you see the promo outfit with the skirt that made me smile. The lace and the skirt parts are now much more soft and smooth. What a difference with the beginning time of sl.
Nic wears a necklace from Perfect Wardrobe from Pepper. The white necklace at the last picture is included in the promo outfit,  as well as the boots with lace a crown and armbands

Dress: Ruxy - Ruxy-Mesh Dress c ( free)
Necklace: Pepper at Perfect Wardrobe - ~Pepper~ Gothic Necklace -perfect wardrobe-
Jacket, shoes and white dress: Mitsouko - * Mitsouko * Biker Princess Outfit( promo 99ld)

Bye bye, Nic
I thought this dress from Ruxy had the right colors for the Twisted Color Challenge, but no. I am late and have no inspiration, so may be i send in this one. But we will see.

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