Friday, October 26, 2012

Dancer's cat theme halloween

Isn't this cool what Dancer found today. I was thrilled to see her like this. Realy super findings. Black cat theme. A black cat that crosses your path is a sign that  something severe will happen to you, supersticious people say. Good theme for halloween.

Here is what she said about it:
The dress: FREE
Dancer Nitely: :::Dimbula Rose:::
mmm-HH2012_:::DR::: Halloween Cat Set (Black) 2/2
search a butterfly
See the gloves!!!!
The dress has cat ears..but little bit difficult to see in the Dura hair
Dancer Nitely: it's a whole cat-theme, with the dress and gloves they have claws, and the earrings

Skin: FREE
Dancer Nitely: Yoon- [YOON 1000th] PERLE KAMALA
[13:38] Dancer Nitely: skin with make-up
[13:38] Dancer Nitely: from the mm at yoon
The mm gift has three different skins, this one with the make-up is just one

pipe: FREE
[13:39] Nicandra Laval: then the pipe Brat
[13:39] Dancer Nitely: that's a lucky board at [brat]
[13:39] Dancer Nitely: they make skins, so i don't know why they have a pipe lol]

eyes: FREE
[13:48] Dancer Nitely: same as always, Amacci gift eyes, from their subscribo
[13:49] Dancer Nitely: they are called
[13:49] Dancer Nitely: InSight ~ BrownGreen Eyes
[13:49] Dancer Nitely: and they have an eye sparkle attachment

From inventory:
13:41] Dancer Nitely: the earrings i've worn for a long time, they were a group gift from N@N@
[13:42] Dancer Nitely: and the shoes, my old favourite
[13:42] Dancer Nitely: ::Maschienenwerk:: Kicks_Black ( now it is called Santo/free)

Just heard this from Dancer: [15:02] Dancer Nitely: perhaps you should say that the pipe has a little elf on it, with a 'no smoking' sign lol

Thanks Dancer, Nic

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Fledge said...

Don't smoke the pixie!! I think she is showing you a list of reasons why it is bad to smoke. Cute kitty dress :)

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