Saturday, October 27, 2012

charming man in charcoal

Nic was lucky to meet a man ( Ati Paule) in charcoal colors ( for the 52 weeks of ColorChallenge this weeks color). And although the female post was already made, it was nice to make photos of this man for another ColorChallenge post. And for me easy. I didn't need to buy all and get dressed up ;) Charcoal reminds me of coalmines, something typical for men may be...

He has a cute animation overrider, a mixed ao from Akeyo and Abraham he said. ( i think may be this last one is Abranimations , the animation shop).
His jeans is  from NotsoBad. The skin from Body co. The sweater i already knew. Already wanted  such a sweater for Nic for this blog. It is from Sey. The Ensemble&Cut-off version in Mesh. It has color change possibility with hud…inner, main body and suspender…more styles in store. His hair is from Burley. It reminds me of the hair of samurai warriors. I think the designer was inspired by that.
The shoes are from the Urban Bomb Unit.

Hair: Burley - [BURLEY]_Kyle_Blacks
Jeans: NotsoBad - Joris
Shoes:  UBU- Pornstar slip-ons unisex
Sweater: Sey - Ensemble&Cut-off /mesh/Unisex

And what about this?
Here i show you some pictures made by Richard Avedon, a famous photographer, that he made from coalminers. By the way Avedon was also famous because of his mode photography. Avedon began his professional career in fashion photography working for Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Life and others. An important contribution was his idea to move the fashion model out of the studio and onto the street.
I admire him and i like that idea..  May be that is why i mostly make pictures of Nic as a model somewhere in sl. Google Avedon and enjoy his work.

Thanks Ati for the photoshoot, Nic


Anonymous said...

Ati Paule My love:) SORI

Anonymous said...

This beautiful man is my husband - signature Sorini:))

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