Monday, June 20, 2011

She made me do it

The Wasteland is one of the oldest sims in sl. Much is dark, distorted and makes me a little bit depressed. The morgue is a realy morbid place. Fascinating to me. So for dark clothings THE place to make some pictures. Oh and watch this: someone forgot his donut when he dissected a body. Brrr. The body in the black bag is still moving ((( Have a look there. I can recommend it to you. But smoke a cigarette so the rotten smell is not troubling you too much.

The hair is a groupgift from EMO-tions. The camo-vest is a groupgift from Airflow. The bra i wear under a lifted shirt.

Hair: EMO-tions - .: EMO-tions.. *JESSE* /brown- groupgift ( free)
Camo-vest: Airflow - *Airflow* 1000 Over group member limited gift for lady ( free)
Lifted shirt: WWI- WWI LS lifted black ( couldn't find it in the shop anymore sorry)
Bra: Luck Inc - *SL* Temptres - white
Pants: not available anymore

Wish you a vivid day, Nic

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