Sunday, June 12, 2011

In the night

Yes i was online in sl this night. Slept in real life and sometimes was awake and worked on this post. ;). My new found skin shines so bright against the darkness of the starry night! Also wanted to show you the jeans from Aoharu. Machang Pichot makes super quality designs. Look at the details of the belt and the cuffs of the jeans .....fabulous! Click the pictures to enlarge. Same quality has the jewelshop Mandala. I wear a necklace from that shop. And ofcourse Maitreya has to be mentioned in this row of super quality designs. My pumps are from that shop.

Skin: (MambooChic) store - (MC)Sarah.Gloss Beaty Freebie 2 ( 10ld)
Jeans: AOHARU - AOHARU_Jeans_Boyfriend_Darkblue
Necklace: Mandala -[MANDALA]Hannya Necklace/Black
Shirt: [VS]Style - [VS]Style Top Crown Brown
Pumps: Maitreya - Maitreya Verve Pumps Black
Hair ( see earlier post)

Have a nice daybreak and sunny day, Nic

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