Friday, June 24, 2011

Les Petit Details

This summer hat with the beautyful name: "Poetry" hat from Moolto hunt is lovely. The wheatflowers hanging down, reminds me of warm lazy summers with wheatfields with blue cornflowers and red poppies. The larks singing high in the sky. And that special smell!
On the picture i lay in the grass near an apple picking chair and a garden bench with nice animations from Art Dummy, a cute shop.
The blush colour from the bow of the hat fits to the pumps of Shiny Things. The bow from the shoes, has a menu so you can change the colour of the bow.
Petit detail from Nicandra: i took a wheat flower stem from the hat to chew on it. ;)
I love the tank and skirt from Calypso Giano
For the Moolto hunt click the Moolto board. You become the Moolto glasses. Those glasses you have to wear. Also join the Moolto group and wear the tag. Go in the shop to find the Moolto sign.

Shoes: Shiny Things - (Shiny Things) Tuli Pumps - blush
Hat: Les Petit Details - *LpD* - *Poetry* Hat ( free)
Tank and Skirt : [Calypso Giano] - [Calypso Giano] Double Strap Top and Denim Skirt

Wish you a long hot summertime, Nic

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