Friday, June 3, 2011

Launa Fauna

Launa Fauna just released a fabulous new face called Lea. It's available as a base skin in either pale, tan or dark, freckles or no freckles, with several eye and lip make up tattoo layers. A new feature is also introduced; Lea has the option to choose between several breast sizes, such as A or D cup and cleavage. The eyebrows are colorchange, but you can also use some freely available premade options.

Launa Fauna's skins always have a very fresh feel to me, and no different to Lea. The freckles option are gorgeous, I like the bit of extra detail to the face. The nose is utterly adorable with the little pointy tip. The body is not too overly detailed, but very smooth with a bit of soft shine to it.

From left to right, click to enlaaaarge:
Pale2 frckl A-cup with Pinup lip make up / Tan1 D-cup no make up / Dark1 B-cup with smokey dark eye make up

When I showed this skin to my friends the reactions were various. One of my female friends commented that Launa Fauna makes some of the best dark toned skins in SL, not too shiney and perfectly muted tones. A male friend on the other hand said he could clearly see it was a caucasian skin painted chocolate, with nothing of the charasteristics of a black lady. I personally think its a lovely skin, in all its tones. I fell in love with the pin-up lipsticks, make ups being one of Launa Fauna's strong selling points.

I hope you are on your way by now to grab a demo. If you want to buy Lea, know that you can join the VIPgroup for 250 l, which gives a 15 % rebate.


Skin: Launa Fauna - Lea
Hair: Lamb - Lovelier Girl kitkat
Cardigan: Fishy Strawberry - Early Morning Cardigan
Bra: Pacadi Jasha - Angel Braziere 005
Lowrise pants: Cynful - Orange Bottom V2 bisque black

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