Sunday, December 26, 2010

Belated Christmas pic

I didn't feel like doing a Christmassy pic until today... the last day of Christmas lol. But here you have it. All thanks to some awesome gifts around the grid. The skin is by Curio, from her newest Ice Queen line. Sadly, only available for groupmembers and the group is closed for now... So lucky you if you stayed put.

The mesmerizing blue eyes are a subscribo gift from Kosh, the sweater is a dollarbie from DeeTaleZ. Ofcourse the cute hair and hat is the subscribo gift from Truth, totally adorable. I also felt like wearing the gift shape from Natural Beauty (formerly TikTok) instead of my own, somehow went better with the Curio face.

Hope you all had great Christmas days with lotsa good foods :)

Kus Nere

Skin: Curio - Ice Queen Sundust Happy Holidays group gift
Hair and hat: Truth - Snow Kitty almond somgift
Eyes: Kosh - Arctic Eyes somgift
Shape: Natural Beauty - Olga Xmass gift instore
Sweater: DeeTaleZ - Big Collar Sweater red star dollarbie instore

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