Saturday, February 18, 2012

the Raspberry Harlequin

It is the story of this little girl
In the beginning it seemed to be a normal day: playing piano
but then suddenly everything began to blur
everything turned out to be so extremely weird, it troubled her.. she felt lost and alone
"may be when i have a better overview it will help" she thought
but then....looking down on everything happened..
she terribly fall down... life can go like this you know..but then a rope came from above
Her "Large Puppetmaster" was the one who helped her out....she is dancing again in life..

Was it because she did eat to much dark raspberries? Could she better eat the normal raspberries? Was she addicted to something? The reason why all went wrong you may figure out yourself :)
But think about your life can sometimes go wrong and weird ..isn't it? I hope however that you will find your helping puppetmaster... in what way or in what form... it doesn't matter, just hope something will help you out of trouble...

It always surprises me how the creation of a post ends. First you see the next colour on luna's blog. " Hmmm do i like that colour?..What is in my inventory?" ..Then going to shops and search there with area search with that colour name..remembering in what shop you saw such a colour..... "what is on marketplace?"."Shall i go like a super vamp or a vintage woman, like streetgirl.. or.. or.. or.. Does the name give me inspiration ? " All sorts of thoughts. Then the descision comes.. "I like those clothings :)) so i will wear that.. "." How to combine?.. where to go to make my pictures?" ...Taking pictures..from high.. from low.. from far... from close.. lights changing..Then some pictures need to be photoshoped a little bit..and being busy like this a story pops up ..
"How amazing is this!" i always think.. from just a colour to this! I didn't know of it in the beginning.. there is more beyond us then we know.. we do not know all the things that influence ourself..

Enough now about this.. what does Nic wear?
The outfit is a promo at marketplace. And yes it had the name raspberry. The sweater comes with the scarf, a short jeans and Uggs boots and a legging.. but i put on my beloved radical boots from Maitreya and the shorts from Mon Tissu and a legging from Fishy Strawberry. That cute harlequin hat, i had in my inventory already loooooong time..always nice for carnival. Fitting for this is carnival time in Europe at the moment. But the designer Vanilla Sola left Second life for an open grid, because of all the theft in SL.. what a pity!!

Outfit : Virtue Mocha - -{ VIRTUE MOCHA }-"It's snowwing outside!" raspberry ( 50ld)
Legging: Fishy Strawberry - *Fishy Strawberry* Woolen Tights ( come in 5 colours)
From inventory: Boots- Maitreya; Hat -Black Moon Vanilla Sola Design; Short pants- mon tissu; Hair- Maitreya.

Post made for Luna Jubilee's 52 weeks of colorchallenge blog

Have a nice carnival, Nic


Jasmine Ballinger said...

I love your harlequin hat, and I go through a similar thought process to you!

Alexandra said...

Love the way you describe the process. It is so true. And your result this week is brilliant

Rudhmellowen said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat and you look fab!!!

Sama Yalin said...

Really pretty pictures this week and a lovely story!

Unknown said...

Really lovely! So cute! I love the story!

Anonymous said...

Love the story! So creative, and your outfit is adorable!

Madison said...

LOVE the Story...Love it Love it!!! This is so wonderful Nic!! The outfit is wonderful, love the hat!!!

Laila Laperriere said...

Great story, love it and you. You look adorable!

Bourbon Zenovka said...

Aw, Nic, amazing pictures, and a story that touches the heart:)

Laura18 Streeter said...

Very cool pictures and story, Nicky :)

Asia said...

As always a great post and pic. I like your stories :)

Sam Laszlo said...

Cool story and pictures, we Dutch just rock i guess :P.

Unknown said...

Nice story and pictures :)

The Uncommon Muse said...

very very cute look, and Im loving those leggings!

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