Friday, January 20, 2023

now everything is easy cause of you


Hello all, after the busy December month and being not so well in rl i am back today. I hope you went to get the free Raven Lelutka head at Christmas time. I went there with my alts and hope you did so too. I wanted to style the poor terrible looking alts. The goal was/is to spend as little money as possible. I never used the alts much. They came online to help to click Midnight Mania boards in case Nicandra wanted something badly. They had not much in their inventory to rely on. I started from scratch to make them look well.

My friend Laura told me where to get a free mesh body. It's the LucyBody. With the LucyBody you can wear Maitreya clothes. "You need to click the Midnight Mania board in the shop and although many clicks are needed you sure will get the body",  she told me. And yes a day later I got the body. You also need the BOM applier for the body. For 250ld you have a good working body then. She also said to start at Hilly Haalan for free clothes, a good tip to share.

You can wear the LeLutka skin of the Raven head. Or go to [avarosa] because the Christmas gift is still there. Or go to Not Found also there is the Christmas gift still available. Go to Velour for  neck fixes for all skin colors. At 7 Deadly s[K]ins you can get a total body skin at some mini mania boards or you can camp there 45 minutes at one of the chairs that is not for the group. With the skin tone pineapple I could combine all perfectly.

For the clothes go to Scandalize here. A lot of free gifts. Many are fatpacks. Nic is wearing jeans and booties from there. The Blueberry top is 1ld at Marketplace SL, but better join that group for 20ld and grab this top and many others there in the shop.

Hope you can say with the help of this post: "Every thing is easy cause of you to style my alts with as little money as possible". ;)

Head: LeLutka - LeLutka Raven (was the Lelutka Christmas gift) now full price
Body: LucyBody - LucyBody ATENEA ( free/ midnight Mania gift)
Bom applier for LucyBody: Lucy - Lucy bom applier ( 250ld)
Neck fix: VELOUR - VELOUR:Evo X Ears & Neckfix for Evo X - 2022 Updated (free/at counter)
Neck fix: 7 Deadly - s[K]ins - NECK fade LEL. evo X -> 7DS skins
Head skin: [avarosa] - [avarosa] Raven LeL EVO X ( free/Christmas Gift/ still available)
 or Head skin: Not Found - Not Found Faye Christma LeLutka ( free/still available) 
Hair base EvoX - Tableau Vivant \\ leLutka EvoX Hairbase - Group Gift ( free at the counter of Glam Affair)
or Hair base evox: Not Found - Not Found - Christmas Hairbase (LeLutka)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[k]ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins  Mini Mania or 45 minutes camp chair ( no group needed) skintone pineapple
Eye: YOSHI - YOSHI - Group Gift Laura (free/ group join free)
or Eyes Avi Glam - Avi Glam group gifts ( group join 20ld)

Puffer jack: MONOMANIA - MONOMANIA - Puffer (add me) Gift hud with 6 colors ( 1ld)
Top: Blueberry - Blueberry Laced tops fatpack (1ld) or free with many other gifts at the store ( group join 20ld)
Jeans: Scandalize -SCANDALIZE. Ametalis. JEANS. FATPACK with and without spikes (free)
Bootie: Scandalize  - Scandalize. Clae Boots. FATPACK (free)
Necklace: Romazin - Romazin  Necklace <Mari> Gift ( 1ld)
Hair: tram - tram F517 hair / FATPACK (free)
Animation overrider for good stands and walks : VISTA- -VA-VISTA ANIMATIONS-FEMALE BASIC MOCAP AO-2015 (1ld)
Still available at [Glam Affair]- [Glam Affair] Koko - Holiday Special( face skin,ear skin, brow toners, eye makeup, lip toners ) (free)

Bye bye, Nic

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