Tuesday, February 18, 2020

houseboat (RFL Home & Garden Expo)

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After sport it's relax time in her new houseboat. In Holland we have many houseboats in the canals of the cities. Often people have a little garden at the quay side of the boat. I loved it to decorate this houseboat from Needful Prims.

Nic is showing you one corner of the house boat. More will follow. I decorated the house boat with several items from the RFL Home&Garden and Breedable Expo, that is running at the moment.
The chairs in the corner are sectional elements from the Dictator shop. You can buy them in curves or strait sets with and without back parts and a love seat ( the one behind Nic). I used one of the elements as a coffee table. For conference settings you can make a circle with them. At the back is a button. Click there and you can choose many textures. Really cool ones.
From [ Park Place] you can see the fireplace with accessories and the frames above the fireplace, the book with apple, the copper plate, the table lamps and the gentle love decor and the leafy table plant. The brown glass candles are from lumino. Outside flowers from NS Soaring lark . Nic is drinking  cinnamon coffee with cream. All parts of a November tray decor set from Foxwood that i unlinked.
The golden heart decor under glass is from MADRAS available at Equal 10 in several colors. Very high quality as usual from that shop.

Nic's outfit is a 10ld outfit from **Ansen** at marketplace. comes with grey booties. The shop has more gifts at marketplace.
Nic is wearing again the skin Serilda from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at the eBENTO event. Hair from Truth. Yoga bag from Zenith

Outfit: **Ansen** - Gift **Ansen** Top Secret (10ld)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at eBENTO - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - SERILDA lights (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - TRUTH; head - LeLutka; body - maitreya; poses - Le Poppyock; yoga bag - = Zenith=  ( gacha)

Houseboat: Needful Prims at RFL Home&Garden Expo - Needful Prims Houseboat Calipso (70LI) (NEW)
Fireplace and more ( see text): [Park Place] at RFL Home&Garden Expo- [Park Place] Garrett Fireplace  and more ( NEW)
Loveseat: Dictator Shop at RFL Home&Garden Expo - [Ds] Chateau Sectional Loveseat (NEW)
Curved seats: Dictator Shop at RFL Home&Garden Expo - [Ds] Chateau Sectional Inner Curves (NEW)
Pillows ( on picture in camel): Dictator shop at RLF Home & Garden Expo -  [Ds] Chateau Sectional Optional Throw Pillows (NEW)
Flower bed: NS -  RFL Home&Garden Expo - NS-flower bed "ANI"(NEW)
Flower bed: NS-  RFL Home&Garden Expo -"NS-flower bed "Naxuana"(NEW)
Brown glass candles: lumino at RFL Home&Garden EXPO -  part of lumino_ color me bohemian (NEW)
Heart Decor Gold: MADRAS at Equal10 -  PackAmore Heart Decor Gold Pack (NEW)
Companion cat baby: [Rezz Room] at Equal10 - [Rezz Room] European Cat Baby  Animesh (NEW)
From inventory: beach raft - [CIRCA]; water lillies - TLC; loungers - [CIRCA] ad Pixel Mode: Bengal cats family - [Rezz Room] (gacha); coffee and tea pot - Foxwood; cockatiel cushion - Apple Fall; rug - DDD; Ficus - PLAAKA; blinds - Sway's
Bye bye, Nic

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