Friday, February 14, 2020

for my Valentine

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"I can't find the dress, that i planned to wear for him .....sigh!" "But well... may be he will like more what i am wearing now ;)"

It was fun to make this blog post. When you want surprise your Valentine the pantie with ribbon is may be a funny one. You will be very sexy. The pantie is from *SK*. It was as a release for Christmas, but comes with several colors and textures in the hud. You can use it more.
The red socks are from the hunt at Scandalize. Find 15 hearts. All items you get are red. They have also a nice new group gift. Can be crowded and laggy there.
The Laundry dryer is from **SE~ pose, named:  "Oh what to wear". You get a row with a dryer and laundromats, but you can unlink them and use the one you want. At the side you see the folding table from Dutchie with many adult animations in it. The angle frame is a gift from Dahlia at Shop & Hop. The other frame is a gift from {what next} at Shop & Hop. Comes in 3 sizes. You can put your pictures of course in both frames.The shop {what next} has at Shop & Hop in the sale their nice scooter. Tip from Laura.
The hanging heart decor to the left is from DaD, a gift also at Shop&Hop.
From Jian are the cute dogs in the laundry basket The animesh companion baby cat is the new release from [Rezz Room] at Equal10.
The laundry boards are from unKindness. I made the scene in the spring rainy days sky box from {vespertine}.

Socks: SCANDALIZE. -  SCANDALIZE. Adriyana. Red ( free/ Valentines hunt gift)
Pantie: *SK* - * SK * Holly FATPACK
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Girls Heaven Event -7 Deadly s[K]ins - TAWNEY lights/ skin tone pineapple (NEW)
Companion cat baby: [Rezz Room] at Equal10 - [Rezz Room] European Cat Baby  Animesh (NEW)
Angel frame: Dahlia at Shop&Hop Tinseled - Dahlia - Lovestruck - Angel Frame - Red (free)
Rectangular frame: {what next} at Shop& Hop Tinseled - {what next} - Valentines 2020 Gift  (free)
Hanging hearts decor: DaD at Shop & Hop Aurelian -  DaD "Hanging Heart Decor" GIFT(free)
Dogs in laundry basket: JIAN - JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 12. (gacha)
Pose: **SE~ - **SE~ Oh What to Wear (take the teleporter to Something Erotic)
Folding tabe: Dutchie - Dutchie folding table adult
From inventory: body - Maitreya; hair - DOUX (Mecca), head - LeLutka; drawer - Nutmeg, heart plant - hive//; sky box - {vespertine}; rug - BAZAR

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