Saturday, March 16, 2019

the sun breaks through

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The sun breaks through....lets hope. The light and the warmth of the sun is such a wonder. It gives me such a good feeling. Being loved is also so wonderful...

Well... enough sweet reveries now ....i need go tell you about two events that are running (1 tomorrow). The Boardwalk event and the Sense event. For the first event i was already in the blogger team, but now also for Sense! Thrilling for me. Can i achieve all the goals that are asked of me? Thrilling also to see what i can go blogging. I was unpacking, unpacking and unpacking these days ). With discipline i dragged all to event folders, that i created. Otherwise all could be messed up. I know myself.. the a bit chaotic person!
Here is the first result from both events now.

From the Boardwalk event are: the home, the birth bathes, the hanging nest Bento cuddles, the chrome & rattan coffee table with the iced tea tray, the magazines and the miniature planters, the wooden chairs. The home is so gorgeous! It has a sphere of luxury. Near the entrance are also bushes,flowers and trees. The nest comes with many animations and you can change the colors of the pillows and blankets. In the pack are two sorts of nest: a tree version ( not shown) and a porch version. The wooden chairs come in a light and dark version. They are beautifully textured.

From the Sense event are: the skin, the choker and earrings, the sunglasses, the shoes and the lipstick (see below).
The tattoo is a new one from Lush. It's the Festival of Mandala tattoo, available at Twe12ve. Love this tattoo. So well made!
The dress is from the lucky boards at Scandalize. Although i wanted make a blog post, i had the patience to wait near the boards, because several outfits were very good for showing tattoos.

At Boardwalk ( running till april 15th) - taxi here
Home: Parke Ave. & Posh - Parke Ave. & Posh - The Concord Prefab (NEW)
Hanging nest: .:TT:. - TYLAR'S TREASURES Hanging nests Bento cuddle  (NEW)
Wooden chairs with lights: {moss&mink}- {moss&mink} Betty chairs (NEW)
Chrome&Rattan coffee table with magazines and iced tea: Park Place Table and accessories (NEW)
Birth bath with  lillies: StoraxTree - StoraxTree birth bath and birth feeders (NEW)

From inventory: Maple Tree - Botanical; bushes and itch grass ( brown)- alirium; path - HPMD*;  pathway lights and hanging lamps (above entrance)- Apple Fall; apple trees - Inojies; ladder - {anc}; table  with chairs and accessories - Scarlet Creative

From Sense ( open tomorrow 18th - ends 8th April) taxi here
Lipstick::::WILD :::Makeup Studio Bombshell Lips LELUTKA, Omega, Catwa and Vista (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - RORY lights wearing skin tone pineapple (NEW)
Choker and earrings: Romazin -  Romazin - Set <Lilo> (NEW)
Shoes: [Sheba] - [Sheba] Soraya Heels Sense  with a very good color hud (NEW)
Sunglasses: JUMO Originals - JUMO Originals - Valena Sunglasses  (with color hud)- Sense (NEW)

Dress: Scandalize. - Scandalize. Susan. Yellow (free/ group join 100ld but many group gifts!)
Tattoo: Lush at Twe12ve - Lush - Festival Of Mandala - Tattoo (NEW)
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; hair - tram; ring Fapple
Bye bye, Nic

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