Sunday, March 24, 2019

if i could have wings to fly... i wanted to be by your side

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I think a birdie wants to spoil her. But no thanks she prefers her sweets and juice and not that dirty sort of food. It's spring time and all birds have their nests ...and as you can see Nic also made her "nest". The very first ever found Dutch sentence in history was about that. It said: " all birds have begun their nests except me and you". A love message as first sentence ever in the Dutch language  isn't that cool !? If Nic could have wings she would fly to you.

But Nic has begun to build her nest today. The most items from her building project are from the Boardwalk: the home ( with all the wooden elements to use as building parts) from HILTED, the cool leather sofa and table outside from [Generation X], the poufs and vases from Eclectic, the couches inside the home from The Jewel Garden, the book shelves with book side boards and the paintings from ELLAs and the linen cabinet with the individual items such as for example baskets and towels from Magnum Opus.
The RedBud trees from little branch you can find at Boardwalk. They come for every season and with grass. The poses used are from candy crunchers and yes also available at Boardwalk.

In the decor you can see the pancake breakfast from Apple Fall for the Saturday Sale. The garden  corner gacha items are from Serenity Style at the March round at Bloom: the wheelbarrow, the compost bags, the bunch of pots, the gardener boots and the rake. There is more in that gacha.
The animated birds dominate the scene. They are from TLC, available at Bloom. You can see the bird nests and the pretty birds. As the designers say to us bloggers: " The birds are looking for some volunteer babysitters - I would suggest 2 groups, 4 hour shifts - oh and if you can, bring some worms!" No thanks True Redrose and Lautlos.  ;)! They can live here but no babysitting and worms for Nic.

Now about Nic's outfit and skin. The skin is the new release from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at eBENTO called Cassidy. Nic is wearing skin tone Pineapple.
The corduroy top is a new release from Gulabi. Available in the main shop or on marketplace. Comes in several beautiful colors and for the fat pack the color hud is again marvelous!
The shorts are available at Sense.The hud contains a solid and ripped version and many colors. The tattoo is also available at Sense from .:Vegas:. , called Inner Peace. I love all those Buddhism inspired tattoos. Original boots with a good hud from Pure Poison. The hair is one of the group gift hairs ( fatpack) from :::Phoenix:::.

Top: Gulabi  (also on marketplace)- Gulabi [Vega] Corduroy Top (NEW)
Tattoo: .: Vegas :. at Sense  -.: Vegas :. Tattoo Applier Inner Peace 94 (add)
Shorts: *B.D.R* at Sense  - *B.D.R.* Ego -Shorts (NEW)
Shoes: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - MoodyBlossom Boots
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at eBENTO - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - CASSIDY lights (NEW)
Hair: :::Phoenix::: - :::Phoenix::: Siarra Hair Group Gift Updated (free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; bangs - Truth

From boardwalk: taxi here 
Building: HILTED - HILTED - Lennox Collection - Full Pack (NEW)
Trees and grass: little branch - LB_RedBudTree.v2 {Animated}4Seasons_(NEW)
Couches inside the house: The Jewel Garden - The Jewel Garden -Sylvia Couch (NEW)
Book shelves and  more: ELLAs = ELLAs Books and Shelves Fatpack Light (NEW)
Leather sofa and table +books and cup and silver vases (outside) and  rug (inside the home): [ Generation X ] Logan  - (NEW)
Pouf and dripped vases: Eclectic  - Eclectic Dripping vases and poufs (NEW)
Poses: candy crunchers - candy crunchers babygirl poses (NEW)
Cabinet ( see text) - Magnum Opus - [MO] The Linen Cabinet (Blogger Box) (NEW)

Pancake breakfast: Apple Fall for Saturday Sale - West Village Pancake Breakfast Board (75ld)
Garden Corner items (see text): Serenity Style at BLOOM - Serenity Style The Gardener Corner (NEW/gacha)
Bird items: TLC at BLOOM -TLC 'Feathered Squatters' - Blackbird* and TLC 'Feathered Squatters' - Oriole* (NEW)
From inventory: palms and pants (edited individual parts ) - Concept} Greenhouse gacha
Bye bye, Nic

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