Monday, March 18, 2019

a wishing well moment

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Nic in nature, thinking about the past. Thinking about what would have been when we made other decisions. Oh yeah she is day dreaming again! It is be because she is sitting near the wishing well.
She is wishing that she could be back in time for a while with the knowledge of now ;). Oh that would be great.
Laura gave me great tips yesterday. That makes me still a blogger also of super free stuff. Although i am blogger for events now, this doesn't mean that i will not blog free things here anymore. I know that not everyone can afford to buy items from events or luxurious shops. Happily we get great gifts from designers.
And here a bit a serious subject now: With Laura i also talked about how important it is that, when you suddenly get ill or worse than that and can't come in sl anymore, it can be a puzzle for those who are left behind in sl not knowing what happened. Think about it and when you care for your good friends organize something so they will be informed! I hope you will get a long happy life, but be prepared.

Nic is wearing a great set from Scandalize, a gift at Vanity. And there is another gift from the shop there. You can find it near the landings point in a corner. In the Scandalize shop there is also a new group gift because of St. Patrick's day, but useful for all days. Nic's shoes are from the Saturday Sale at Essenz. See the cute bow. The pack has three colors. Essenz has also a new group gift out at the moment.

The decor is made with items from the Boardwalk event. You see the lovely camper with some plants and a birch tree from EED, the wishing well from Raindale, the rocks with flowers, the cat and dog  and the watering can and more from .: Tm:., the swing from Cara's Poses and the Fairy Fern with lights from LOVE.
Because i dragged parts of the set from .:TM:., you can't see the total set. See for that the vendor picture below.

Outfit: Scandalize at Vanity Event - Scandalize. Madison. Nude (free)
Shoes: Essenz - Essenz - Catania (Pack 5) (Sat. Sale/ 75ld)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins  at Sense- 7 Deadly s[K]ins - RORY lights  wearing skin tone pineapple (NEW)
Lipstick::::WILD ::: at Sense Event - :::WILD::: Makeup Studio Bombshell Lips LELUTKA, Omega, Catwa and Vista (NEW)
From inventory: body - Maitreya, head - LeLutka, pose - Kirin; squirrels - part of pose set from ::WetCat::, hair - Doux

Taxi to Boardwalk:here
Fairy Ferns: LOVE at Boardwalk - LOVE - FAIRY FERNS (NATURAL) - (NEW)
Scene with rocks: .:Tm:. at Boardwalk - .:Tm:.Creation Spring Moment Scene-(NEW)
Wishing well: Raindale at Boardwalk -Raindale - Midmoor wishing well @Boardwalk (NEW)
Swing: Cara's Poses at Boardwalk -  C&E Swing Into Spring @ Boardwalk (NEW)
Camp tent: EED at Boardwalk - EED HAPPY CAMPER (NEW)
From inventory: other birches - the little branch; itchy grass - Alirium; maple tree - botanical
Bye bye, Nic
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