Sunday, December 30, 2018

preparations for New Year's Eve

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It's nearly the end of the year. New Year's Eve preparations in the kitchen. Many cakes are already baked. The Christmas tree is still standing and the Christmas decoration still hanging. The sphere is cosy and warm. Outside it's cold and misty.
I made this new blog post for the contest of the Love to Decorate group. The rules were not totally clear for me when i made this post earlier. One of the rules is: you must use at least 10 items from 10 different stores in your photo. Unclear to me was at that moment, that it had to be 10 stores from the "It's a LTD Christmas!" gifts. In the other picture i used many different stores but not 10 from the LTD presents. So this is a new try.
I used the The Finnish Farm Sky box kitchen from Kraftwork in the Builders Box from December. First time for me to decorate a kitchen and i loved to do it. See the credits for what i used for the decor. The presents from the LTD group are still available until at least January 15th.
And i wish you already all the best for the New Year. A good health, much love and happiness and that many dreams may come true. Guess what is one of my little dreams? Yes.. winning a prize in this contest. ;)

Home: Kraftwork in the Builders Box - Kraftwork The Finnish FarmSkybox (NEW)

Love to Decorate Christmas gifts:
Cookie bars (at the large tray): Elm. - Elm. Christmas Cookie Bars (free)
Bauble photo holder: Refuge -  Refuge - LTD Group Gift(free)
Christmas cookie mix in jar: {moss&mink} Christmas Cookie Mix (free)
Wooden Angel Decor * CHEZ MOI (free)
Peach Caramel Cake: :::ChicChica::: Peach Caramel Cake ( free)
Table, cookies platter, wooden Christmas tree and wood logs: Junk Food - Winter Table Set (free)
Inflatable Reindeer: Serenity Style-Gabby Inflatable Reindeer (free)
Rocking Chair: Goose  GOOSE - Xmas rocking chair LTD Christmas (free)
Blanket basket: DJ / SF part of  Blogger box for  LTD Christmas Giveaway 2018 (free)
Cookie trees: [: Kawaii Couture :] Sugar Cookie Trees (free)
Chocolate Yule log: {what next} Chocolate Yule Log (free)
Winter Watercolor Frames: [FOURTH WALL] Winter Watercolour Frames (free)
Red Racer Sledge Shelf: crate Red Racer Sled Shelf - LTD 14 Gift (free)
Peg Doll Nativity Set: [INSURREKTION]  Peg Dolls Nativity Set (free)

Cat: ::Mutresse:: -::Mutresse:: - Begging - Shortie Cats (gacha)
Copper Pan stack: Apple Fall - Apple Fall Copper Pan Stack 
Teapot, Pyracantha berries in glass, Elvira Rose tea, tea tins and tea books, stacked cups, times newspaper - Apple Fall  - Apple Fall Breakfast Clutter Collection
Shabby table: Nutmeg. - Nutmeg. Romanov's Shabby Table White
Dining chairs: Apple Fall - Apple Fall Dining Chair - Rust
Hanging cloth: CHEZ MOI - part of Kitchen Board Mom (10ld)

From inventory:
Wreath - [CIRCA](was in Christmas tree); garland - [CIRCA] ( hunt is over); chandeliers and happy Christmas group gift (wreath with candle and ribbon) -  Serenity Style ( Christmas Market is over)
hanging lights - hive//; hedera - Soy.; scented candle - Apple Fall; Fig&Blackberry Cake - Apple Fall (free); bottled candles- [[E:L]]; yellow bin - PLAAKA (free); frosting bowl and Lemon Cake - dust bunny; christmas tree - dust bunny; presents and sleigh - dust bunny; scruffy shepherds in laundry basket - JIAN; the journey runner - unKindness ; village train - Kaerri; heart candles - ChicChica (free)
Bye bye, Nic

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