Monday, December 24, 2018

Santa was here

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Santa was here. He has done his laundry. Then relaxed on the blankets watching videos and the blog from Love to Decorate on the television screen. He enjoyed the Christmas tree and all the delicious food. But he wasn't allowed to go on the pictures. Read below why.

This blog post is made because of the contest from the Love to Decorate group. The overview picture is the picture for the contest. Will be soon on Flickr. No Nic or Santa in the pictures because of the rules of the contest: Here are the rules:
- One photo entry per avatar
- Mention your in world name somewhere so we can contact you later
- Entries must be submitted on Flickr
- All entries need tagged with #ItsAnLTDChristmas
- You MUST use at least 10 items from 10 different stores in your photo. All items must be credited
- No avatars allowed in the photograph

My pleasure was to put as much as possible free items in this blog post! Easy in this advents time!
I hope many of you want fav the picture when it's on flickr. The link to Flickr you can find at the  right side of my blog. Hit the blue picture. May be it helps to win a nice prize.

Home: Apple Fall - Apple Fall Hetton Barn Conversion (free)
Blankets, drink tray, popcorn and movies: Mudhoney in Builders Box - MudHoney Olwen Movie Night BB (NEW)

Advent Gifts Cosmopolitans Sales Room:
Eggnog: Junk food  - Junk Food - Egg Nog Cartons (free)
Tiny trees (at the large tray): Space Oddities - Tree Of Giving (free)
Mulled wine Tray: Roawenwood {RW} Mulled Wine Tray Delivery HUD(free)
Chairs: Armonia Decor [AD] SET CHAIRS CARACAS (free)
Polar bear: TLC Gift Polar bear cub* (free)
Hanging tree: COSMOPOLITAN - Gift by TUESDAYS (free)
Falling tree: Falling Tree * CHEZ MOI (free)
Laughter sign: Joolee Tee Designs - Cosmo Christmas Gift (free)

Love to Decorate Christmas gifts:
Cookie bars (at the large tray): Elm. - Elm. Christmas Cookie Bars (free)
Bauble photo holder: Refuge -  Refuge - LTD Group Gift(free)
Christmas cookie mix in jar: {moss&mink} Christmas Cookie Mix (free)
Wooden Angel Decor * CHEZ MOI (free)

From Christmas advent tree at [CIRCA] see info about the advent tree here:
Santa's laundry, Floral bullet vases, star wall light: [CIRCA] Pkg - Day 14 - Holiday Advent 2018 (free)
Globe and Christmas deer hike: [CIRCA] - Day 9 - Holiday Advent 2018 (free)
Coco and ginger cookie tray ( near the polar bear), Holiday stollen platter:[CIRCA] - Day 16 - Holiday Advent 2018 (free)
Snowflake tree: [CIRCA] - Day 11 - Holiday Advent 2018(free)
Frost fir trees and grass: [CIRCA]  - Day 10 - Holiday Advent 2018(free)

Serenity Style:
Sideboards, HIFI Cuff links, Happy Winter pictures and glass decor:  Serenity Style at Man Cave -- Happy Winter Set & XMAS GIFT -MAN CAVE (NEW)
I wish you card holder: Serenity Style- BLOGGERS CHRISTMAS GIFT18 (Thanks Hans Inshan!)

Headphones: BAZAR - ~BAZAR~Stockholm-Headphones
Rug: Lacrime dell'Anima - Lacrime dell dell'AnimaRug - Set Traditional I
From inventory: TV -  AXL Pro ; Si Gi tablet - Candy Crunchers (free); bootle candles -[[E:L]]
Bye bye, Nic

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