Friday, November 16, 2018

lazy afternoon

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On a lazy afternoon... I love to live so pleasantly ..Live this life of luxury, lazing on a friday afternoon. (text free after a text from the The Kinks/ sunny afternoon)

Nic is lazing in her room made with items from the Boardwalk event and with items from MADRAS at Equal10. From unKindness are the red curtains and the violin.
From the Boardwalk event you can see from Park Ave.: the leather chairs, the jute rug, the red console, the square side table, candles and the tripod lamps.
The wooden coffee table and couch at the right side on the picture are from The Jewel Garden from the Rustic Barn set.
The silver pine cone Christmas candles are from Lilyana Collection. The glitter pear cloches are from THEORY. The THEORY collection on Boardwalk has many Christmas items.
From the Enchantment Hunt is the needle and spools of thread "Brave Little Tailor", from Serenity Style. I made it very tiny. In the normal size you can use it as a stool.
The set from MADRASat Equal10 is called the Adriana Decor set. Contains: the coffee frame decor (on the red console), the coffee bean cups, red rose glass decor, coffee jar decor. There is also an empty cup and spoon in the set (not shown here). From *Fapple is the doggy pillow,. It's a BDSM pillow (a gift), for kneeling and sitting.

Nic is wearing pants and a top from Jana & Littles SL World. The top makes you feel sexy. And such leggings following the contours of the body so close give you also very sexy look. A good set for cosy time at home. Comes with a color hud. The choker with a gingerbread heart is from the Enchantment Hunt from Bliensen+Mai Tai. The shoes are from the last Midnight Mania Madness round from Essenz.

Outfit: Jana&Littles SLWorlds - -JL-  Melodee Outfit Leggings Maitreya
Necklace: Bliesen+Mai Tai - Bliensen+MaiTai - Gretel Gingerbread Choker (free/ Enchantment Hunt)
Hair: Doux - Doux Luna Hairstyle
Skin: amias - amias - CEMILE - medium
Shoes: Essenz - Essenz Kingston (rust) MMM
From inventory: body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; cat -(fd); dog and first pose - Le Poppycock; pose last pictures - Amitie ( at Vanity)

Curtains and violin: unKindness ( will soon be in the main shop)- uk - The Unveiling Set
Coffee decor items ( see text) ; MADRAS at Equal10 - MADRAS Adriana Decor Set (NEW)
Doggy Pillow: *Fapple - *Fapple Doggy Pillow ( free)
Needle and spools of Thread: Serenity Style for Enchantment Hunt: Serenity Style-The Brave Little Tailor-Spools of thread HUNT (free)
At Boardwalk:
Leather chair set( see text): Park Ave. - [PA] Tyler Collection Furniture (NEW)
Pine cone Christmas Candle: -LiLyana - Lilyana Collection - (NEW)
Coffee table and couch: The Jewel Garden - The Jewel Garden - Rustic Barn Set (NEW)
From inventory: plant - dust bunny, home - Pixel Mode
Bye bye, Nic

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