Friday, July 13, 2018

vintage on the beach

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Back from la douce France in rl and immediately to the beach with Nic. At Belle Epoque is a hunt running at the moment. For the lovers from vintage fashion good to get some nice vintage clothes nearly for free. Near the entrance you can see on the board all the presents from the hunt. Nic is showing you a green vintage swimsuit and the yellow knotted shirt with pantie and the shoes also in vintage style. The cameo necklace is also from the hunt. Each item is 10ld. Nic is wearing hair from rezology. The vintage truck bar is from unKindness. The curious seagull is from a fatpack from TLC from a fatpack with a standing seagull and some circling seagulls and a cute seagull sign with nail.

Swim suit: Belle Epoque - BESH 7 (10ld)
Knotted shirt : Belle Epoque - Besh
Pantie: Belle Epoque - BESH 12
Shoes: Cameo necklace: Belle Epoque - BESH 6 (10ld)
Cameo necklace: Belle Epoque  - BESH 19
Hair: rezology - rezology Wisp ( 25ld)
Rings: MEVA at CSR (last day today) - Meva Heidi Bento Rings Gold Maitreya Box (free)
Seagull: TLC - Part of *TLC Seagulls FATPACK - Version 2*
From inventory: Truck bar - unKindness; beach towel and parasol - {what next}; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; skin - LAQ; water - Mesh India; fritter - Tentacio
Bye bye, Nic

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