Thursday, July 5, 2018

checking him out

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Checking him out. He is gone surfing. She will wait here reading a book and sipping her coctail. It's a beautiful day. He helped to bring her lounger near the water and left. I think the warmth of the sun will make her drowsy and she will sleep a bit. When he's back she will admire his sporty sun tanned body with fresh drops of water. She is already daydreaming about that.
Nic is wearing an  elegant dress from LUXE Paris. A new shop for me. She is still wearing her bracelets from Kungler, the gift for the  Cosmopolitan's birthday. The lounger is from The Olde Attic. Also a new shop for me. Hair from rezology at marketplace.
The umbrella  with  beach towel is from the Beached Bunny Hunt (July 3rd- 31st) from Salacity in collaboration with Cara's Poses. That present you can find in the poses part of the shop. Find a blue sand bucket. More info about the hunt here. Salacity is sponsor for the hunt. So they have two presents. Below you can see the other present the doormat with flip flops. That present you can find in the main shop. The male shoes are from? ;) The board on the door is a hanging photo frame from The Olde Attic. You can place your pictures in the frame. The weed floatie is a gift from {ID} or {Inner Demons}. Comes with a hud with more patterns.

Dress: LUXE Paris - LUXE Paris DELICATE MEADOW Dress (NEW)
Hair: rezology - rezology Cloud Nine  ( 26ld)
Bracelets and ring : Kunglers at CSR - KUNGLERS - Nenharma - Full pack (free)
From inventory: dog - JIAN; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - Wow Skins; male shoes - Hoorenbeek (old gift)

Umbrella and beachtowel: Salacity & Cara's Poses - Beached Bunny Hunt (1ld)
Doormat: Salacity - Salacity Beach Doormat (1ld)
Lounger: The Olde Attic - The Olde Attic - Tropical Beach Lounger (NEW)
Photo frame: The Olde Attic - The Olde Attic - Hanging Photo Frame (NEW)
Weed Floatie: {Inner Demons} - {ID} Weed Floatie (free)
From inventory: beach hut - Mad Pea; Surf board - Silvery K
Pictures made at: La Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic

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