Friday, July 6, 2018

she is cute

She is cute the little Shihuahua. But i think Nic is also looking cute in her bare back romper from MOoH! The romper is one of the presents at the Beached Bunny Hunt. The other presents are the shell earrings from !IT!. Search the blue sand bucket in the shops. More info about the hunt is here.
Nic's hair ( named Yuko)  is from TKW. Old gift at SLB 13. May be you have it in your inventory too.
Nic is lying on her new bed. The bed is part of the sakura set from unKindness at Illuminate (ends july 13th). From that set you also can see the table, the sakura branches and the tray. From another set from unKindness i used the Serene Get away Alcove. This one and the lanterns are from a gacha from unKindness. Behind the Alcove you can see the  cherry blossom trees from The Little Branch that i got on the Mad Pea Hunt.

Romper: MOoH! for the Beached Bunny Hunt - MOoH! Kim romper (1ld)
Earrings: !IT! for TBBH - !IT! - Sea Treasure earrings TBBH8 ( 1ld)
Phone: :::ChicChica::: at CSR - :::ChicChica::: my phone (free)
From inventory: Skin - Ys&Ys; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; wedges - REIGN; hair ( Yuko)- TKW ( old SLB13 gift); bracelet and ring - Kunglers ( free at CSR); dog - JIAN

Bed, tray, branches, table: unKindness at Illuminate - uK - Sweet Sakura Full Set - Illuminate
Alcove and lanterns: unKindness - uk - Serene Get Away Gacha
From inventory: trees - The Little Branch
Bye bye, Nic

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