Wednesday, November 29, 2017

whiskey is a solution...?

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Wiskey is a solution is written on the wall. A bit of a tunnel vision this sentence. You can see it this way when you are very depressed. Or you see it this way after a long period of social drinking habit with the result of addiction. But it's  a great text for the environment where tjip and Nic are. It seems to be the place to drink wiskey, other liquors or wine. It's a place where you can relax in cosy chairs, can sit behind the table and use the computer or read. You can play games or watch tv.  A real man cave. The set is made in the tunnel vision man cave from unKindness. It is a photo prop, but when you decorate it, it can be used as a secret place somewhere underground  in a city or as a skybox. Available till december 1st at Man Cave Event. In my opinion it's more then a photo prop. The long table with chairs and lights are from the gentlemens conference set, available till 30th november at The Mens Dept.
I used liquor boxes and a coffee box from Silvery K. Tv, books on the table, oil barrels and signs from Mesh India. Chairs from Salacity (with naughty poses). The cabinet and the roulette table are presents at Redeux. The lamps are from Kalopsia.  Heart rugs on the floor are oldies from Nic's inventory.

Nic is wearing a nice new set from Miss Chelsea, available at N21. You choose the color of the jacket and you get all colors of the dress in the hud. So be aware of this when you click to buy. Nic's star necklace is from Maxi Gosamer. The star earring ( not very good visible) is a present at Redeux. Nic's hair i bought at Magika in the Black Friday sale.
Tjip's vest is a present ar Redeux. His hair is new from Dura at The Mens Dept. Jeans from a fatpack at paul polo. The trainers shoes are from Vale Koer, the newest groupgift with a very good color hud.

Nic is wearing;
Hair: Magika - Magika - 01 - Empty Gold
Dress with jacket: Miss Chelsea at N21 - .miss chelsea. Edie Jacket & Dress Dark (NEW)
Earrings: [V/W] at Redeux - [V/W] Winter earring (free)
From inventory: boots - Blueberry; head - LeLutka; skin - LAQ; body - Maitreya; necklace - maxi Gossamer
Tjip is wearing:
Hair: Dura at TMD -  *Dura*B81-DARK (NEW)
From inventory: jeans - paul polo; body- Signature, head - ADAM; gloves - Deadwool; sweater - Ascend; Scarf - Mr. Poet (free)

Tunnel Vision Man cave: unKindness at Man Cave - uK - Tunnel Vision Photo Prop - Mancave (NEW) till dec 1st
Tables,chairs and light: unKindness at TMD -  uK - Gentleman's Conference Set - TMD (NEW) till november 30th.
Cabinet: EARTHWORX at Redeux -:.EARTHWORX.: Bedroom Furniture (free)
Roulette table: FLECHA at Redeux  - FLECHA sculpted casino roulette (free)
From inventory:  Tv, books on the table oil barrels and signs - Mesh India, lamps - Kalopsia, leather chairs - Salacity ( with poses); liquor boxes, coffee box and trays with glasses - Silvery K.
Bye bye, Nic

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