Monday, November 13, 2017

every day it will rain, rain, rain...

Wow i won the second prize in a photo challenge from the We Love To Blog group. I am flattered. The theme was autumn. This is my winning picture. The new theme is november rain. Well if something is more appropriate at the moment, then it's that theme now. Rain, rain and again rain in rl at the moment in the midst of november. I went for picture making to a sim where i could expect rain ( Gale Storm Retreat). The beach was as empty like a rainy beach has to be. Rain was falling and lightning shadows in the clouds. Nic was looking for an umbrella to sit and watch the waves in a contemplative mood.
But then a friend, a very good friend from Laura, suddenly appeared near me on the beach searching for nice beaches for his "walking together hud". I described that hud here some time ago. So Nic's moment on the beach was not such a sad contemplative one. Nic was also enjoying her new clothes, jewelry and more.

On the first pictures Nic is wearing a nice top with a see-through part, a new release from Arcane Spellcaster. She is wearing it on leather pants from Shey from her inventory. If you don't want spend much for a black leather pants then go to Ricielli and search between all the old hunt gifts. Nic is wearing jewelry from Hudson's, the My Pearls Black Jewel Set ( new) and the My Pearls Black Bangle set with a Bento ring ( sale prize 59ld!). In the jewelry set is also a necklace with a key. The Cat's Meow headphones are a new released exclusive from !IT! at the Twe12ve november round. Many huds available.
The hairs are again ( see post before this one)  from the HairOlogy Event. From [RA] Run Away Hair and from *TKW* Tukinowaguma. The heels are a present from Shoenique Designs at the 68 Main Event.
The neckholder(a one-piece) is a groupgift at [NyDesign]. Comes with a hud for several colors for the top and the pants. I like the silky glow of the top very much. There are more group gifts and also lucky boards in the shop.

Top: Ak Creations - Gracy White Silk *Arcane Spellcaster* Ak Creations (NEW)
Long hair: [RA] at HairOlogy -  [RA] Sophie Hair - Recolored (free)
Jewelry: HUDSON's -  HUDSON's New Jewels Nov 11 2017 (NEW)
Bracelet and Bento Ring: HUDSON's -My Pearls Black Bangles Set  *COPY*~ By Candace Hudson ( sale prize/ 59ld)
Headphones: !IT! at Twe12ve - Cat's  Meow Headphones ( NEW)
Short hair: *TKW* at HairOlogy - Tukinowaguma Hairology 2nd Anniversary Gift (free)
Neckholder suit:[NyDesign] -[NyDesign] Group Gift - Sandrine Suit (3 Colors) (free)
Shoes: Shoenique Designs at 68 Main Event - **SD** Black Chinablu Heels BSM ((free)
Pictures made at: Gale Storm Retreat
From inventory: head - LeLutka, body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; leather pants - Shey

Bye bye, Nic
My flickr picture for the November Rain Challenge
Click picture to enlarge
or may be this one

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