Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tokyo Grill ( so many gifts at events!)

↑sake drinking↑
↑the smoking place↓
↓the waiting room in the background↓
↓the entrance↓
It was a busy sl weekend. I was behind with all sort of events and it was Midnight Madness weekend too. But i managed to go everywhere and pick up many beautiful things. On the first pictures Nic is wearing a dress from the Midnight Madness ( will be 50ld in the last Chance round) from L'Enfant Terrible. Her shoes are from BREATHE, a gift at FaMESHed ( in many colors)

The skirt and top (and shoes/not shown) on the last picture is from Swag at the Grab Event ( till 24th of November).The bracelet and the daisy choker are from !IT! for the Boho Fair/ but now in the main shop.
The hairs are from the birthday of Hairology. Many hair presents there. The first one is from KoKoLoReS  and the second one from Damselfly. Both with Huds.

You see Nic in and around the Tokyo Grill House made with items from the gacha from unKindness at the 6 Republic Event. Canada vs Japan is the theme this time.  Event open till 20th of november. I rebuilded a house from unKindness from an older gacha to make a cosy small grill house. But in the Tokyo gacha is a building ( the rare gacha item). The commons are: Chef's Grill Table, Chef's Table Stool, Bar Table, Bar Chair, Bamboo Planter, Metal Divider, Wood Divider, Screen Divider, Hanging Lamp,Chopsticks Centerpiece, Restaurant Sign, Waiting Bench, Food spread , Onion Volcano. The bamboo Fountain is also a rare.
In the corridor near the official entrance of the Grill house is a gift from unKindness for the L'Homme readers group.

On the table in the waiting room (with the long leather bench) is an ornament from Purple Moon at the 68 Main Event. At that event you can find good quality gifts from Finale Couture, Chop Zuey, Shoenique and  Chiffon too.
The calendar with sexy retro pictures for each month is from Kraftwork, a gift at FaMESHed
All sakura items are from Silvery K. The crab on plate is from Kaerri

Nic is wearing:
Dress: .Enfant Terrible. for MM - .Enfant Terrible. Daisy Silky MM Gift (now last chance / 50ld)
Shoes: [BREATHE]- at FaMESHed - [BREATHE]-Melena Heels-FATPACK (free)
Hair: [KoKoLoReS] at Hairology - [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Kiana - Hairology 2nd Anv. gift(free)

Skirt/top and shoes: [RNR] Swag at the Grab Event - [RnR] Swag Cabana Outfit (free)
Bracelet: !IT!  - !IT! - Margaret Bracelets 1(in the main store on monday)
Choker : !IT! - !IT! Daisy's Choker 9 (now 60ld in the main store/ first room)
Hair: Damselfly at Hairology - Hairology 2nd Anniversary Gift-damselfly (free)
From inventory: Phone - SHI (old gift) ; body - Maitreya; skin -LAQ; head  LeLutka; pose last picture - Le Poppycock

Tokyo Grill items: unKindness at 6 Republic -  uk - Tokyo Grill Gacha - 6Republic (gacha/ NEW/ each play
Bamboo table set: unKindness for L'Homme - uk - Bamboo Table Set - L'Homme Gift
Calendar: Kraft Work at FaMESHed -KraftWork 2018 Calendar . Fameshed November Gift (free)
Glass Dome - *PurpleMoon Home * at 68 Main Event -  - *PurpleMoon - Glass Dome Pumpkins Table decoration*(free)

From inventory: Building - Modern Retreat from  unKindness ( rebuilded by myself), stairs on the second picture- unKindness ( old Smokem gacha); sakura items - Silvery K; crab on plate - Kaerri.
Pictures made at La Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic

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