Saturday, June 17, 2017

you will not turn to stone...( Silk Road Hunt VIII)

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You will not turn to stone when you look at this Medusa
Medusa was a monster in the greek Mythology. Described as a winged human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair. Gazers upon her hideous face would turn to stone. To prevent you from turning into stone, i made a lovely snake Medusa. I placed her in a Byzantine environment. The Byzantium or East Roman Empire had as capital the city of Constantinople. So  Byzantium and Medusa is all from the Antique world. Merchants from the west and east were coming to trade  in Constantinople. They followed the silk road. Yesterday in the evening i did a historical Hunt, the Silk Road hunt. You need find a small colorful pagoda. Hunt tips are in every shop. Click the Hunt board.

I found this small Byzantine house and many items that i could use for decoration. I changed the transparancy from the window to get a more bright view outside. With the textures that i got at the hunt, i made wall tapestries and rugs. The textures are very good. I also got a wall tapestry from the hunt, the Byzantine Empress in yellow. You can see that one in the food corner. From Noble Creations i used some old gifts. The camel has on both sides a sign. You can put a welcomes text or a picture in the signs. Not shown is the gift from Simply Shelby, a very nice Ming Dynasty plate display. I sure will use that one as decoration once.
Nic is wearing a medusa dress from UNA. You can find it at the Tres Chic Event. It comes with the snake belt. The snake necklace and bracelets are from Nic's inventory from Faun. The skin is the FLF skin from Glam Affair for LeLutka ( Jamaica). Hair is a gift from Truth.
The thumb up bento pose is a gift from Knot&Co. Nice poses in a hud.

Dress: ::UNA:: at Tres Chic - ::UNA:: Medusa Wine (NEW/june round)
Pose with Thumb: Knot&co - BodyLanguage SLC Bento SS POSE Thumbs Up A (Knot & co. Gift)
Skin: Glam Affair - Glam Affair - Naira - Lelutka Mesh Head Applier - Jamaica ( FLF)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH VIP - Deja Updated *Fixed* (free/ group join fee)
Snake necklace : FAUN - -FAUN- UNISEX Snake Charmer Necklace -RoseGold- (unpacked)
Bracelets and ring : FAUN - -FAUN- UNISEX Snake Charmer Necklace -RoseGold-
From inventory: Shoes - REIGN ( old Luxe Box item); Head - LELUTKA (bento/ Simone) - Body - Maitreya)
House: SALOME design - 022 Small Byzantine House Box - SRH VIII(free/hunt)
Goblet, wine ewer, vial of precious oils, tray.: Timeless Decor - TD:.Byzantium Jeweled Treasures Collection (Free/ hunt)
Red table: Casa de Bebe -  {CdB} Chinese Plant Stand (free/hunt)
Spice rack on the wall: [[Neon Deer]] - Silk Road VIII - Silk Road Spices (free/hunt)
Bench, wooden screen and fern on stand: Park Place Home - Silk Road  #011 [Park Place] The Empire Bench & Screen (free/hunt)
Book on bench: Adelle Arts Manor Fashions - Silk Road VIII : 019 Les Arts de Saint-Bruno, Antiquity Heights (free/hunt)
Tapestry: baci shop - lu-byzantine empress tapestry(free/hunt)
Textures in the food corner: All Things Beautiful -  Byzantine collector - 5 FULL PERMS Textures(free/hunt)
Red gold textures: Timeless Textures - 18 Seamless Byzantine Luxury Timeless Textures (free/hunt)
Camel: MTD Designs -  CAMEL - CHAMEAU - SILK ROAD VIII (free/hunt)
Meal: Noble Creations - [NC] - Tasty Meal - (free)
Brazier: Noble Creations - [NC] - Medieval Braziel -  (free)
Globe: Noble Creations - [NC] - World Globe - mod ( (free)
From inventory: Half round table: Vintage Gacha gift box Lilith's Den: pouf and rug with cushions - ALB VILLA LAMU (old groupgift); ruffled cushions - Apple Fall Cushion Collection ( gift); [NC] - Wood Candelabrum ( old gift); painting with mosaic Christ - made by myself; dog - {anc}
Picture from the house at the beach made at:  Zaara
Pictures from interior made: in Sandbox
Bye bye Nic and happy hunting

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