Tuesday, March 28, 2017

like Alice in Wonderland?

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These large eggs remind me at two characters in Alice in Wonderland. Humpty Dumpty ( the egg that fall of the wall) and the Queen of Hearts. The foul tempered monarch, a sort of "blind fury", that had as her most famous line "Off with those heads". The large King and Queen eggs seem a combination of them, although not furious and unbroken and silent. The scene is a bit like in a children's story book. Nic in her sweet silky dress from Tashi with the flower head band, amid eggs and chickens, is bringing us a bit Easter already. The King and Queen eggs and the egg cart, the carts with egg trees are all from the Easter Gacha from Mesh India at the Cosmopolitans Salesroom. And there are more cute items in that gacha ( each play 60ld). Karthikeyan  Engineer, the designer from mesh India, is so creative. The eggs remind me also of the Russian expensive Fabergé eggs.
The antique chair and stool are from PIXLIGHTS Factory at Marketplace. From Lisp are the window of light and the lullaby flower arrangement at the left side at the full scene picture.
To complete the scene i hurried to Half Deer for the cute chickens.
Nic's shoes are from Le Fashion Whore for the enMeshed into Spring Hunt 2017. Her necklace is from the Chop Zuey March hunt at the Free Dove.

Dress with head band : TASHI at SOS -TASHI Allison (NEW/ donation for the SOS, doctors without borders Event/ till March 31) Event exclusive with hud
Shoes: Le Fashion Whore - Le Fashion Whore - Blossom Pumps - Cloud Floral (free/hunt)
Necklace: Chop Zuey at the Free Dove - Chop Zuey - Love Knot Pyrite Set (free/hunt)
From inventory: Hair - DeLa ; Hands Vista; Body- maitreya; skin - WoW Skins;

Eggs and more: Mesh India at CSR - MI Easter gacha ( New/ /gacha/ each play 60ld)
Chair: PIXLIGHTS Factory - PIXLIGHTS antique chair
Stool: PIXLIGHTS Factory - PIXLIGHTS antique stool
Window of Light: LISP - LISP Window of Light
Lullaby Flower arrangement - LISP - LISP  Lullaby Flower arrangement
Glass Lantern: *ionic* - *ionic* Glas lantern
Picture made near the M*Motion shop.
Bye bye, Nic

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