Saturday, October 22, 2016

waiting for your return

Waiting for your return. And in the meantime shopping time in sl and enjoying making pictures.
Shopping time at the H@s tag event running from 10th-30th october. The presents there are 0ld,1ld, 2ld, 5ld, 10ld or 15ld. From the event you can see the black buttoned dress (leather). The dress has a purple color inside. You see this a bit when you move. A good combination with the purple part of the ChicChica halloween present shoes. Be alert: there is another gift in the shop, pumps, also in orange and purple.The clutch ( with color hud) is an october groupgift at Le Fashion Whore. The bag is from the same shop but at the H@s tag event a gift. The heart glasses are also from the H@s tag event. They have many glass colors also pink. I will save those for pinkie days.
Kustom9 had again some nice 9ld items: the hoop earrings and the necklace ( in many colors).
And last but not least i am thrilled about this hair from Shi. It was hell of a job to get the hair at Shiny Shabby, because i had to fight the lag. Relogged several times and then it was easy.
Longtime i forgot my sweet harpei's from Black Bantam. But here they are .... my sweet companions.

Shoes: ChicChica - :::ChicChica::: Halloween GIFT (free)
Dress: InsomniaStore at H@s Tag - Gift H@s tag Buttoned dress ( free)
Sunglasses: [RS] at H@s tag -  [RS]Sunglasses  HEART BIANCA 13 COLOR ( 2ld)
Bag: Le Fashion Whore at H@s tag - Le fashion Whore - Jessie handbag gift (5ld)
Hair : Shi at Shiny Shabby  - Shi Hair . Hearken . Unisex (NEW)
Clutch|: Le Fashion Whore - Le Fashion Whore - October Group Gift Clutch and heels (not shown here)- Fatpack (free)
Necklace: Clef de Peau at K9 - Clef de Peau Outlet.Mia Necklace.K9 Anniversary Gift (9ld)
Hoops: Tableau Vivant at K9 - Tableau Vivant\\ simple hoop in silver and gold ( 9ld)
From inventory: Bracelet -[kunst] ( at K9/gift); Harpei- Black Bantam
Pictures made at: Dragon Rose Isle
Bye bye, Nic

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