Friday, October 28, 2016

new brooms sweep clean

I told you before i am not such a halloween fan. May be because i didn't grew up with it. Just some cute accessories so now and then. Nadja asked me if i wanted a broom from Blueberry from the gacha at Epiphany. "you can fly on it". I told her what i wrote above. But because it was a Blueberry broom i was curious. It could be a good one. And here you see what she sended me... the white broom with pink ribbon and glitter lights. Very cute! Halloween is about darkness but this post is about light. Nic is showing you the lazy glass jars with lights from PiCaZZo. A gift at the Boho Culture fair. From that fair is also the Bohemian stool with blanket from [P] Pillows with nice poses and the earrings from Spyralle. Even Nic's hair is a gift there. From the Season's Story are the Gabriel boots, a gift.
The cable knit  cardigan is from::K:: at tShiny Shabby (unisex) with a hud for the tee and the neck part. The black leather pants is from La Gazza Ladra at Tres chic. At Tres Chic La Gazza Ladra also is selling a very nice sweater. May be i will show that one too on the blog later on. The pants are good  for combining with these boots.

Cardigan: ::K:: at Shiny Shabby - ::K:: Cable Knit CD Femme Plum (Unisex) (NEW)
Leather pants: La Gazza Ladra at Tres Chic- ~LGL~ Yeah! . (Black) Leather pants
Hair: No.Match at TBCF -No.NOWTBCF5th- Gifts Box-no.match (free)
Earrings: Spyralle  at TBCF - Spyralle Samarkant earrings ( free)
Boots: Gabriel at TSS - ::GB:: short boots  black female ( free)

Broom: Blueberry at Epiphany - #28 Blueberry - Secret / COMMON /  Broom - PixieWhite (gacha)
Lazy Glass Jar :PiCaZZO at TBCF - TBCF5th- Gifts Box-PiCaZZo (free)
Bohemian stool: [P] Pillows at TBCF - TBCF5th- Gifts Box-[P] Pillows (free)
Pictures made at: Hollandaise 
Click the small picture to see full size

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